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Pinoy R.N. just got a virtual surgery... Ok, the right word is upgrade.

Actually, the upgrade is long overdue. This blog has been using the same old tired '
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The old template had very limited feature set and was restricted to manual HTML and CSS coding whenever some tweaking was necessary. Doing back-end maintenance on the blog was both tedious and time-consuming with all the cryptic html codes.

So, this author finally took the plunge and upgraded to a newer and easier to use drag and drop template. Now with little or less time spent on back-end tweaking, Pinoy R.N. readers can expect more up-to-date nursing updates and information from this side of the world wide web.

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Pinoy R.N. Blog Upgrade and Maintenance

Pinoy R.N. will be temporarily closed to internet traffic beginning midnight tonight (Sunday, March 30, 2008) to give way to blog upgrade and maintenance.

Users who are logged in before 12 midnight will still be able to access the blog as long as they do not refresh or close Pinoy R.N. on their internet browsers.

We will be back online shortly.

April 2008 Visa Bulletin Released; EB3 Dates Jump Further to July 2005


Here's a bit of good news for filipino nurses with approved immigrant petitions on or before July 1, 2005. The priority dates for the EB3 category, where professional nurses belong, has progressed to July 2005 from January 2005 last month.

April 2008 Visa Bulletin

This means that those with priority dates July 1, 2005 or earlier can expect movements on their visa processing anytime soon.

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April 2008 Visa Bulletin

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will begin the registration of new nurses (December 2007 Nurse Licensure Examination passers) on March 24, 2008 at the PRC office in Manila.

To facilitate an orderly registration, successful examinees are advised to observe the following registration schedule:

  • ABA, Adrian A. to ALE, Quinessa S. (March 24)
  • ALEGADO, Jane A. to AQUINO, Tristan L. (March 25)
  • AQUINO, Xenia Joy L. to BALBIN, Anna Irish Y. (March 26)
  • BALBIN, Jon Nelson C. to BELLO, Martin II R. (March 27)
  • BELLO, Mecca Angela Q. to BURGOS, Roland A. (March 28)
  • BURI, Karen Anson R. to CAPUNDAN, Gretchen M. (March 31)
  • CAPUNO, Ann Naciancina V. to CIANO, Setrina N. (April 1)
  • CIELO, Leonida P. to DALAYGON, Casedil D. (April 2)
  • DALERE, Daryl Dave T. to DELA CRUZ, Uzzielle D. (April 3)
  • DELA CUADRA, Eunice Mae P. to DURA, Clair M. (April 4)
  • DURAGO, Neniel Kate B. to FAJARDO, Stephanie R. (April 7)
  • FAJARDO, Vergel S. to GAMAD, Charliselle A. (April 8)
  • GAMAD, Honesto Jr. G. to GRANIL, Romyr Jane A. (April 10)
  • GRANITO, Hazel Grace L. to JABONILLO, Joyce S. (April 11)
  • JACA, Flora Mae G. to LANGAMON, Emerald P. (April 14)
  • LANGBAYAN, Gibran A. to LOPEZ, Joann N. (April 15)
  • LOPEZ, John Michael C. to MALLARI, Florian Edgar A. (April 16)
  • MALLARI, Francis Ian Q. to MEDINA, Jeden Marneleh A. (April 17)
  • MEDINA, Julie Jane D. to NANGLIGAN, Marilyn D. (April 18)
  • NANI, Al-Nash A. to ORDANZA, Ma. Angelica E. (April 21)
  • ORDEN, Janice M. to PARUNGAO, Melvin A. (April 22)
  • PARUNGAO, Nalla L. to PULIDO, Eduardo C. (April 23)
  • PULIDO, Pamela E. to REYES, Jera R. (April 24)
  • REYES, Jerome Anthony D. to SALAMAT, Sharlene Ann G. (April 25)
  • SALAMATIN, John Lester R. to SEMIC, Jiesylmay T. (April 28)
  • SEMILLA, Florence Erika B. to TACDORO, Shiela B. (April 29)
  • TACIO, Herbert D. to TONO, Emelou S. (April 30)
  • TONOG, Joeky Z. to VESAGAS, Rainier M. (May 1)
  • VETUS, Ralph Joshua I R. to ZUNIGA, Woodrow Rafael III M. (May 5)


June 2007 Nurses are also advised that their CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION is now available at Window 19, Registration Division, PRC Manila.

As of March 5, available certificates:

ABALOS, Russel to FORTALIZA, Frederick.

Those who intend to claim their PRC Certificate of Registration are instructed to bring the following:

1. PRC ID (License)
2. Photocopy showing front and back of PRC ID

No fees will be collected.

(Submitted via E-mail by Noelito RN. Thanks!)

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