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The June 1 and 2, 2008 Nursing Board Exam is just a month away. In keeping with this blog's tradition of helping out examinees prepare for their exam, Pinoy R.N. will again post a set of useful compilations to help our soon-to-be nurses ace the upcoming licensure examinations.

Nursing Downloads
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Antidotes to Common Medications (NEW)
APGAR Scoring (NEW)
Blood Transfusion Reactions (NEW)
Assessment Findings in Dehydration (NEW)
Erikson's Developmental Stages (NEW)
Geriatrics Pharmacokinetics (NEW)
Pediatric Developmental Milestones (NEW)
Rule of Nines (NEW)
Practise Questions for Psychiatric Nursing
Review Notes in Pharmacology
Review Notes in Psychiatric Nursing
Review Notes in Pediatric Nursing
Review Notes in Infection Control
Review Notes in Med-Surg: Aortic Aneurysms
Review Notes in Med-Surg: Arterial Blood Gases
Scope of the Nurse Licensure Examination
IMCI Manual
Filipino Nurse Code of Ethics
Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173)
The Nightingale Pledge

Guides & Tips
Tips in Preparing for the Local Nursing Board Exams
Last Minute Reminders for Local Board Examinees

Online Tool
Virtual Human Atlas (Animated Lectures)

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Ward Class Online

The Pinoy R.N. Virtual Red Carpet

In appreciation of the regulars who have contributed to the growth of our online community here at Pinoy R.N., we will be rolling out the virtual red carpet for our hippest online buddies. Find out a little about who they are, what they love about the nursing profession, and what they love to do when they are not on duty.

If you or somebody you know deserve the Pinoy R.N. red carpet treatment, let us know. Just make sure you'll get the hang of the instant celebrity status. (Hehehe!)

For the pilot run of this feature, we turn the spotlight on "

Real Name: Andrew AC
Chatroom Nickname: Goobs
Present Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA
Hometown: Bacolod City

~ All About You ~

What's the story behind your chatroom nickname?

The name Goobs originally came from Gooblecute. It was the name assigned to me when I first logged in. Gooblecute seemed too long a name, so I was asked to change it. Obviously I had to drop the cute and retained Gooble, Goobs for short. That’s how my nickname evolved. Don’t ask me what it means though because I honestly don’t know. I must admit it sounds cute, haha.

What keeps you busy?
Oh well, work keeps me busy. I work a 12 hour night shift, about four to five days a week.

Continue reading....


In an apparent response to an announcement by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that it received enough petitions, in just 24 hours, to meet the congressionally-mandated cap of 65,000 H-1B visas available for next year, several U.S. Senators have filed a proposed legislation to address what they called an "urgent problem" by promoting United States competitiveness, innovation, and employer access to skilled employees.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn along with Senators Judd Gregg, Joe Lieberman, and Chuck Hagel introduced the “Global Competitiveness Act of 2008 (S.2839) which would give United States employers access to previously unused H-1B temporary worker visas and permanent EB employment-based visas from prior fiscal years.

Explaining the urgency of the bill, Sen. Cornyn said, “Tuesday’s announcement highlights the critical nature of this irresponsible cap. For businesses in Texas, and across the country, to continue to grow, prosper, and create more jobs here at home, they must have the resources necessary to remain competitive in an increasingly global economy.

“Well-educated, highly skilled workers are key to our country’s competitiveness. Our outdated system has limited the ability of many American companies to recruit and retain top-quality talent. We must address the H-1B visa crisis to ensure that America remains the world leader in innovation,” Sen. Lieberman added.


H-2B Temporary Worker Program

  • Extends the H-2B Returning Worker provisions for 3 fiscal years

H-1B Temporary Worker Program

  • Recaptures 150,000 unused H-1B visas which will be distributed over a 3 year period
  • Imposes a H-1B recapture fee of $1,500
  • Increases H-1B visa levels from 65,000 to 115,000 for fiscal years 2009 through 2011
  • Increases the advanced degree cap for H-1B workers with masters degrees or higher from 20k to 30k for fiscal years 2009 to 2011
  • Increases the H-1B petition fee from $1,500 to $2,250

Employment Based Visas

  • Recaptures approximately 218,000 unused employment-based visas
  • Distributes 61,000 of the recaptured EB visas to nurses and physical therapists (and spouses and children accompanying or following to join)
  • Imposes an EB visa recapture fee of $1,500
  • Exempts health care facilities in underserved areas from paying the additional EB recapture fee

May 2008 Visa Bulletin Released; EB3 Dates Move Forward to March 2006


The U.S. Department of State has released its Visa Bulletin for May 2008 and it showed all categories to be current except for EB2 and EB3.

However, a bit of good news came with the bulletin as the EB3 category for the Philippines reflects major movement from last month. Starting next month, those with approved immigrant petitions on or before March 1, 2006 can expect developments in their visa processing anytime soon.

The priority dates for the EB3 category, where filipino nurses belong, have progressed to March 2006 from July 2005 the previous month.

Related Link:
May 2008 Visa Bulletin

Steps in Applying for the Nurse Licensure Examination (PRC)

The following outlines the application process for nursing licensure at the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). With the expected rise in the number of examinees this year, it is best to apply early.

STEP 1. Secure Action Sheet from the PRC Customer Service Center (CSC) and accomplish the same.

STEP 2. Submit the Action Sheet for processing and evaluation at any of the Processing Windows together with the following:

  • Original and photocopies of Transcript of Records with Special Order and Date of Graduation (Graduates of government schools and institutions/programs accredited by recognized accredited agencies under the FAAP are exempted from SO [B]). Graduates of New Schools/degree Programs must submit School Recognition and/or Permit to operate.

  • Original and photocopy of NSO-issued Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper; if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from the Local Civil Registrar)

  • Original and photocopies of Marriage Contract in NSO security paper (for married female only; if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar).

  • Four (4) passport size colored pictures in white background with complete name tag.

  • Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

  • Notarized Related Learning Experience (RLE) Summary, O.R./D.R. Cases, and other specific documents as required by the Commission and/or Professional Regulatory Board.

NOTE: Secure the following from the processor upon approval of your application:

  • Computerized Application form (CAF)
  • Permanent Examination and Registration Record card (PERRC) (for first-timers)
  • Notice of Admission (NOA)

STEP 3. Pay examination fee at any of the Cashier Window. Get Official Receipt.

  • Baccalaureate Degree - P 600.00
  • Non-Baccalaureate Degree - P400
  • Removal - P300.00
NOTE: Fees may have changed. Check with the nearest PRC office for updated fee schedule.

STEP 4. Pay for metered documentary stamps and mailing envelope with metered documentary stamps at the CSC.

STEP 5. Accomplish the CAF, PERRC, and NOA. Indicate the Official Receipt number, date, and amount on the CAF.

STEP 6. Proceed to any of the Issuance Windows for final review of qualifications and documents and issuance of NOA, Applicant's Stub, Program of Examination, Examinee's Guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

STEP 7. Keep the Notice of Admission, Official Receipt, and the Applicant's Stub. Bring these with you on the first day of the examination. For further information, read the General Instructions at the back page of the Notice of Admission, Program of Examination, Examinee's guide and Self-Instruction Sheet.

STEP 8. Bring your NOA when you verify with the PRC your school and building assignment which will be posted at the PRC premises two (2) three(3) working days before the examination date.

REMINDER: Application deadline for the June 1-2, 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination is on April 18, 2008. Late Applications will not be accepted as the PRC is expecting at least 80,000 applicants this year. Source: PRC Memo

Guide in Applying for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

In a post last month, Pinoy R.N. reported the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announcement on their website about Canada's move to adopt a Provincial Nominee Program to facilitate the entry of immigrants to its labor force.

Canada's move was seen largely as a welcome development for filipino nurses looking for alternative foreign employment opportunities in the face of the current visa backlog in the United States.

The question in everyone's mind now is, "So, how do I become a nurse in Canada?"

This blogger did some reading and here's what I learned:

Requirements for Internationally Educated Nurses
1. To become a nurse in Canada, one must have a nursing degree that included theoretical and clinical experience in the areas of medicine, surgery, obstetrics (maternity), pediatrics (children's nursing), psychiatry (mental health), as well as gerontology and community health. (Some territories may require additional schooling)

2. The nursing degree must have been earned after a secondary education (high school).

3. The applicant must be proficient in both written and spoken English to ensure safe nursing practice.

4. The applicant must have a nursing license in good standing in the country where the nursing degree was earned.

5. The applicant must have worked as a nurse for at least 1125 hours in the last 5 years. (Not required in some territories)

Application Process for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)
1. To write the CRNE and become registered in one of the provinces or territories in Canada, applicant must apply to the nursing regulatory body in that province or territory.

2. The regulatory body will provide the applicant with the application forms needed and will be informed about the application process. It will also advise the applicant of eligibility to take the CRNE and inform the same of upcoming CRNE dates in the relevant jurisdiction.

3. All authority to take the actual CRNE and become registered is given by the nursing regulatory bodies. Links to Canadian nursing regulatory bodies are found at

Just like in the United States, application processes and requirements may differ from province to province. Completing online nursing programs and receiving a degree may not be applicable in certain areas. So, be sure to visit the individual nursing regulatory body's website when applying to sit for the CRNE.

Canadian Licensing Authorities:
British Columbia -
New Brunswick -
Newfoundland and Labrador -
Northwest Territories and Nunavut -
Nova Scotia -
Prince Edward Island -
Saskatchewan -

(Thanks to Breech for article inputs and the list of links to individual licensing bodies.)

Techie Nurse of the 21st Century

Nowadays, mobile handheld gadgets like Cellphones, PDAs, and Laptops are common view. So, if you have one of these shiny little toys and want to put it to better use, then you're in luck!

Here's a list of nursing-related stuff that you could use to justify the purchase of that expensive little gadget of yours:

1. NurseCalc® - A nice little application developed by me using HTML and Javascript. It is a 4-in-1 handy online tool for Nurses and other Medical Professionals. Features include an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpreter for determination of Acid-Base Imbalances. IV Rate Calculator for determination of Intravenous Infusion Rate in mL/Hour. IV Drip Rate Calculator for determination of Intravenous Infusion Drip/Flow Rate in Drops/Minute. IV Infusion Time Calculator for determination of time needed to complete an Intravenous Infusion. Available in online (web) version and downloadable version.

Note: No purchase required. Available for free download.

Compatible with:

2. Skyscape - From medical dictionaries, clinical and drug guides to drug interaction analyzers, lab interpretations and nursing procedures manuals. They have it all. It's the library in your pocket!

Note: Purchase required. Offers free trial download.

Compatible with:

3. ePocrates - Similar to item no. 2, it offers a wide range of mobile applications for healthcare professionals ranging from medical dictionaries, integrated drugs, diseases, and diagnostics guides, and the latest medical/nursing news.

Note: Purchase required. Offers limited free downloads.

Compatible with:

4. Assorted Free Medical Apps - Includes
GFR Calculator, Bicarbonate Deficit Calculator, Preventive Medicine Screener from

Note: No purchase required. Available for free download.

Compatible with:

More will be added to this list so be sure to bookmark this page by pressing
CONTROL D on your keyboard.

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