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Nurse Licensure Examination Results - June 2006

Download June 2006 Nurse Licensure Exam Results HERE.
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PRC Announcement:
Registration of successful examinees will start on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. Registration will be alphabetical based on the examinees last name. Specific schedules will be announced at a later date.
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Oathtaking Schedules:
Quezon City - August 22, 2006
Cebu - August 23, 2006
Zamboanga - August 26, 2006
Iloilo - August 29, 2006
Tuguegarao - August 30, 2006
Legazpi - August 31, 2006
Davao - August 31, 2006
Baguio - September 3, 2006
Tacloban - September 6, 2006
Cagayan de Oro - September 7, 2006
Copyright 2006 ® Pinoy R.N.
For other details, please contact the local chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association in your area.
Copyright 2006 ® Pinoy R.N.
News Updates:
Other Nursing News:
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The result of the June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination is expected to be released first week of July to major news outlets.

Pinoy R.N. will post the results online as soon as it is available.

PRC Denies Leakage on Nursing Exams

Rumors of a leakage in the nursing exam has spread like wildfire in recent weeks causing examinees to worry.

The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) has issued a formal statement dispeling the veracity of the rumor.

In a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the PRC said that “after an initial investigation by the Board of Nursing, the BON concluded there was no apparent leakage.”

“Unless hard evidence is found, the system is nearly fool-proof. With the actual test questions extracted by computer from a database of questions, even the examiners do not know beforehand which of their questions will be asked in the examinations. The test questions are printed inside a quarantined area with security provided by police and the National Bureau of Investigation,” the PRC said.

The PRC said that contrary to rumors, it had not cancelled the exams but was now checking the results which are expected to be released next month.

US Senate Approves Immigration Bill Removing Limit on Foreign Nurse Visas

The United States Senate recently passed a highly-debated immigration bill. The legislation covers a broad spectrum of immigration issues such as legalization of illegal immigrants and a guest worker program.

As republicans and democrats debated over immigration issues, a provision on foreign nurse immigration has been overlooked.

The overlooked provision removes the limit on the number of nurses who can immigrate to the United States which will remain in effect until 2014.

The provision is a welcome news to foreign nurses.

In the past, work-based immigration visas were limited due to the retrogression announced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

In May 2005, US President George W. Bush signed into law the supplementary spending bill for tsunami aid and Iraq which included a rider that recaptures 50,000 unused immigrant visa numbers from 2001 to 2004 and allocating the same for foreign Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists to address the retrogression. However, New York Times reports that State Department officials predict that the allocated immigrant visas are likely to be used up by 2006.

Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, who sponsored the proposal, justified the proposal as a means to address the growing shortage of nurses in US hospitals and nursing homes.

The proposal is fully supported by the American Hospital Association, which reported in April that American hospitals had 118,000 vacancies for registered nurses. The federal government projected in 2002 that the shortage of nurses in the United States would swell to more than 800,000 by the year 2020.

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