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Step-by-step Guide: NCLEX Application Process

Here's a quick HOW-TO guide in applying for RN licensure (NCLEX) in any U.S. state.

Step 1.
Determine which state you intend to work in.
There are many considerations in choosing a state. One would be the prevailing wage rate in the area. This should be considered in relation to the state's tax rates, cost of living, etc. Another consideration is familiarity. Some people prefer to apply for licensure in states where they have friends and relatives already living there. A third consideration is whether or not the state participates in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC is a mutual recognition model of nurse licensure allowing a nurse to have one license but is permitted to practice his/her profession in other participating states.

Step 2.
Visit the chosen state's website.
U.S. nursing state board websites are listed at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) website at A complete list of U.S. state boards is also available for download here.

Step 3.
Download instructions, application form, and fingerprint cards.
Each state has its own application process and requirements. This is listed at the website of the state. Read and follow the instructions carefully as incomplete or incorrectly filed applications are usually set aside or placed on hold.

Step 4.
Submit application forms, payment, and all other requirement as soon as possible.
The length of time of processing an application varies from state to state. There are several reasons for this. One is the volume of applications received by the state. California, for example, may take 4-6 months to make an applicant eligible for the exam. New mexico and Vermont, on the other hand, approves applications in 2-4 months. The only factor that the applicant can control in the application process is the timely submission of the required documents. It is also important to make periodic follow-ups on the status of the application. Usually, a contact e-mail address is provided by the state for such purpose. Some states, Vermont for example, post the application status on their website.

tep 5. Once made eligible, register immediately at PeasonVue.
All NCLEX examinations are administered by PearsonVue Professional Centers. Every eligible applicant must register at PearsonVue to schedule an exam. Scheduling may be done through phone or via the internet. After scheduling the exam, an Authorization to Test (ATT) will be issued to the applicant. This document contains the applicant's name and exam schedule among other things. The ATT and one valid form of identification (Passport) is required for admission at the exam venue.

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Anonymous said...

Big THANKS for the guide! I honestly have no idea what to do after I got the form. And thanks for posting NCLEX form for Florida too. =)

Anonymous said...

ei, thanks for the step-by-step guide helped me a lot. another question,,, is the vermont application will recognize in California too?if you have time, pls email me @ thanks so much! God bless

Anonymous said...

I failed the exam. Is it possible for me to avail a Practical Nurse License? What are the requirements for application? Many thanks. LadyFe

Anonymous said...

has anyone applied in New Mexico? What are the first documents that I should send to the board of nursing? thanks!

Anonymous said...

i have a question... what's the difference b/w cgfns certification and cgfns review of credentials? coz ryt now, i'm not considering cgfns exam anymore in order to save money... so i need to know the difference bec some states requires review of credentials only instead of certification...

Anonymous said...

hi,...thank u 4 the info provided..but i wanna know more about the things needed in the application for vermont nclex exam..pls..e mail me at thanks..

topet said...

Big thanks for this but i still have questions is it possible if i put an US address to my application form?? do i need to put it in evrey form for example in the request for TOR, app., and fingerprint card?? what's the time difference when i use a local address and a US address when I'm going to receive my eligibility?? and lastly can i mail it both at the same time the forms from our school and application form?? thanks a lot pls email me @ ( I really need answers as soon as possible for me to submit my application early

J333 said...

Hi there, I have a question concerning NCLEX. I just pass my application to CA BON and i heard that it takes a long time to get the approval or ATT. Is it possible that i will apply to New Mexico now to have a faster processing at this time? I am residing in California now. Hope to hear from you concerning this issue. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

hi. i have a query about nclex. i need to know the procedures for nclex saipan. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blogsite and read about Vermont's online inquiry on the status of my NCLEX application. When I checked on vermont's website, It indicated that YES on January 30, they have already received my application, fee, transcript, etc. No other details were stated like when is my exam date, etc. Can i already apply at pearson vue? Do I have to ring Vermont and ask? Please help me im so confused I dont know what to do. Thanks for your nice blogsite. Cheers!

Lyle, RN said...


You will be informed when you become eligible to take the nclex exam. Wait for your eligibility letter.

Only then can you register at pearson vue and schedule an exam.

JaN said...

Hello Lyle!

I see that states like NM and CA require some kind of finger printing procedures...does the state of VT have anything like that too? I'm interested in applying in VT but I've been to their site and I wasn't able to see any information about fingerprinting. Do they require them? Thank you!

Lyle, RN said...

Hello Jan,

The State of Vermont does not have the fingerprint requirement like other states.

Everything you need to know about VT's application process and requirements is contained in their application form.

By the way, I checked out your blog. I enjoyed reading it, it's smart and well-written.

JaN said...

That's what I thought. Thank you for clearing that up for me - you will be getting more questions from me, hehehe. Seriously, what you're doing here...helping people find their way through the NLE, NCLEX, etc. maze is very commendable.

Thanks for the compliment too :-)

fortknox88 said...

elow, just wanted to ask regarding the Vermont form. I applied and sent the form before the new revised version came out last May 5, 2008. Lately, i saw an advisory at the Vermont Secretary of State website that even if I sent an older version of the form, i still need to pass again the new revised form. Whereas in the old form there are 3 columns only on pages 6-7 where subjects are to be filled out but in the revised form there are 4 columns. Do i have to send the revised version even though i sent the older version of the form already? Does it mean I have to start all over again in processing of my application at Vermont State? Please fill me in with my query..I'm really worried, my application might be delayed. Pls help!

Lyle, RN said...

Hi fortknox88,

Yes, you will have to send an updated form.

Don't worry, as you will not be starting over. The payment that you sent along with the original application (old form) will be credited to you.

If your name already appears on this page, then they have received your old application and will simply update it when they receive the new form from you.

You just need to send a filled-up revised/updated form so your information will be consistent with their new form.

To avoid any delay, send the new form to the VT board ASAP.

JaN said...

Lyle, fortknox88:

I was thinking of paying via demand draft for my application but I just talked with a bank rep where we have a dollar account with and it seems that they don't have an affiliate bank in VT so I can't use them. Lyle, Fortknox88, how did you make your payment and do you have any other suggestions that would make the payment process much easier and faster. If you can, please name local banks that can be used for the payment via demand draft or money order. thank you.

Lyle, RN said...


I got my demand/bank draft from MetroBank.

JaN said...

That's great! But did you send in your application to Vermont or some other state? Thanks again!

Lyle, RN said...

I used it both for my initial licensure in Vermont and my subsequent endorsement of license to Connecticut.

The MetroBank demand/bank draft is acceptable anywhere in the U.S.

anonymous said...

hi.. hope u can help me with my prob.. i graduated in d phil last march2008. i am in california ryt now and im planning to take the nclex. but the thing is that i dont have a license in d phil coz i did not take d board exam.. i went 2 d u.s ryt after our graduation (i am a greencard holder).. it says in the website that if u dont hold a license 2 d country where u got ur nsg degree, u shud pass a written explanation.. i dont know if my reason for not having a license is valid? thnx..

Lyle, RN said...

Just state in your explanation that you are a greencard holder and that you do not intend to practice nursing in the Philippines which is why you did not take the Philippine board exams.

earlj said...

anybody can give some idea regarding CA nclex requirement which is mandatory SSN (social security number) it really necessary the fact that I don't have a SSN cause i'm not a green card holder? does it mean i don't qualify in CA...

Lyle, RN said...

earlj, the SSN is only required AFTER you pass the NCLEX through California.

SSN is a requirement for the issuance of your actual California RN license.

mon said...

hi i would like to know if there is any states where u could apply for nclex exam even if ur not yet a license rn here in the Phil..nor a greencard holder in d US..if there what state?tnx and more power!

Lyle, RN said...


California is one of the states that let you take the NCLEX without a local RN license but you have to attach an explanation letter detailing why you don't hold a license in RP along with your application form.

There are isolated cases where applicants were denied eligibility because they did not have a local license.

But the latest available information on the California Board of Registered Nursing website says that they still accept applicants who have no local license.

Complete information is provided at the CA website.

Here's the link for your reference:

Good luck!

Unknown said...

gud day poh!mrami poh ako tanong about sa nclex sa vermont.nagpply po aq ng nclex sa vermont, nkalagay sa website nila approve to take exam:yes,pero sa made eligible to take exam blank pa poh,ano ba gagawin ko?w8 ko ba ung eligibility ko from vermont?before aq mag paregister sa pearson vue?den pearson vue mgbibigay sa akin ng att?sana po masagot mga tanong ko?thanks a lot

Lyle, RN said...


that's ok. you may now register at the pearson vue website and schedule your exam.

your vermont record will be updated in a few days or weeks.

Unknown said...

gudpm, thanks poh sa pagsagot sa tanong ko.may isa pa po aq tanong xenxa na kung makulit i don't need na magwait for eligibility like sa california na may papers to register sa pearsonvue?pero b4 i can take the exam aantayin ko ung att from pearsonvue?tama ba pagkakainitindi ko?

ics said...

hello po.. tnx, your helping us a lot... can i have your opinion pls? i am planning to apply for a license in MAINE since cost of living there is lower than orange county where my family is based. another is that it is included in the "multistate" where i dont need to take endorsement whenever i will try working in other participating states. if i understand it right, their application processing time is about 30-60 days? what do you think? please give me some advice. tnx.

Lyle, RN said...


If you provided an e-mail address on your application form, all communications (i.e. eligibility letter, etc.) sent out by the VT board are sent through e-mail which is why you don't have to wait for any hard documents.

Check your e-mail regularly including your spam/bulk folder.

Yes, you need to wait for your ATT because you will have to present it at the testing center along with your passport. Please note that the ATT could be sent to you through e-mail.

Contact the VT board if you don't receive your ATT. It should be e-mailed to you in a couple of days after registering at pearson vue.


Yes, the state of Maine is a compact state.

With regard to their processing time, it depends on several factors like completeness of your application, number of applications they receive, etc.

The number of days they announce are just projections and may change.

For your convenience, here's the application form for Licensure by Examination (NCLEX) in the state of Maine:

Good luck!

ics said...

wheewww, im really confused where to start now.. pls help.. i am considering california, maine and connecticut where i could start my nursing career. i am still starting to apply. i am considering the cost of living of each state and where filipino nurses would be treated as a friend not a stranger. is CGFNS a requirement for me to take prior to NCLEX in maine and connecticut?

if ever that i would choose California, where can i get the fingerprint card? is it included in the nclex kit which will be provided by pearsonvue? or is it better and faster if i would download the forms just the same? tnx.

Lyle, RN said...


For a list of states that do not require the CGFNS exam, read this article:

About the CALIFORNIA fingerprint card, it is not provided by pearson vue. You may request one at the U.S. embassy in Manila or at the CA BRN website.

Application form is available at the CA BRN website.

Unknown said...

I'm planning to apply 4 nclex but d problem is what non-cgfns state 2 apply. What state/s process the fastest, does not need fingerprint cards, does not need a qualified credentialing agency like cgfns, does not need social security number, etc. Also I wud lyk 2 know if how long does each states' att are valid? Since I have still 2 get my license (bcoz of the tro in issuing of license) can I submit a copy of the certificate of board rating instead? Tnx.

Lyle, RN said...


So, you're not gonna ask which state also does not require the NCLEX?

Just kidding!

Anyway, I'll try to answer your questions.

The State of Vermont:

1. Is a non-CGFNS state
2. Processes applications in 3-4 months
3. Does not require any fingerprint cards
4. Does not require credentials review from the CGFNS unless they are able to verify that your nursing education is comparable to nursing education in the United States
5. Does not require a U.S. social security number
6. Will accept a letter from the PRC certifying that you have passed the local board and have yet to be issued a license

ATT or authority to test is valid until the date of your exam which is chosen by you. Perhaps you are referring to eligibility. Usually, eligibility is valid for 1 year.

So, what's the catch you ask? You will have to provide a copy of your nursing license prior to being licensed in Vermont.

Now, the best part of this winded reply..

Direct link to the Application Form with Complete Instructions:

Good luck, Jeremy!

peter pan said...

hi. my question is: what are the other states that don't require local boards so i can apply for nclex aside from california?

Unknown said...

I have already passed my application 2 vermont. I would lyk 2 ask if its ok 4 example 2 apply 4 reciprocity 2 any state as soon as i get my license from vermont bcoz i don't have any plans of aplying der im only aplying 2 vermont bcoz of convenience. Im planing 2 aply 2 either 2 ohio, or new mexico.

Lyle, RN said...


If you are applying in Vermont just for convenience, then you might as well apply directly at the State board where you actually intend to work because the route you are about to take is actually going to cause twice the cost and inconvenience.

Please note that while you can endorse your license to another state, you will have to satisfy the other state's licensure requirements which is more or less the same as applying for licensure by examination there in the first place because you will:

1. Re-submit documents
2. Pay again

Also, the other state where you actually intend to work may have MORE requirements and stricter rules compared to Vermont.

I am not saying that you should work in Vermont, I'm just letting you know that taking and passing the NCLEX in Vermont does NOT exempt you from complying with the licensure requirements of the State where you actually intend to work.

However, there are also states that waive some of their requirements if you already hold an RN license in another state. Connecticut, for example, waives the CGFNS exam requirement if you already passed the NCLEX in another state. But this is more of the exception rather than the rule so I suggest you read and understand each state's requirements for Licensure by Endorsement.

Lyle, RN said...


Some people are saying that the State of New Mexico does not require the local board exam but I can't confirm that.

Please note, however, that they require proof of English competency (IELTS, TOEFL, etc).

Another requirement is a CES report from the CGFNS. This is different from the CGFNS exam. Part of the CES requirement is validation of a local RN license. If you do not possess one, you will have to provide an explanation.

For your reference, read and understand this CES Application Form and Handbook:

Anonymous said...

Good PM. I am planning to apply for NCLEX in New Jersey and I have some questions. I do hope you could help me.

1. Do you have any idea how long my application will be processed if i apply in New Jersey?

2. Is it possible that I apply there without a local license?

3. Since I do not have an SSN number, can I just leave that portion blank in my application form even though it says that [You must provide your Social Security number to the Board or Committee. Failure to do so will result in denial/nonrenewal of licensure or certification.] Will it affect my application?

Thank you very much and Have a nice day! :)


Unknown said...

Hi Sir Lyle, I have a question, i recently passed the local board exams and am in the process to file my nclex application for california, would it be faster for me to take the nclex (eligibility, etc.) if i apply for the livescan instead?

"X" GIRLFRIEND said...


I have some questions regarding my plans for application for an NCLEX examination for purposes of licensure in the state of MARYLAND

1.) Is there no available online application form for MARYLAND NCLEX?

2.)The website says that there is a need to request for an application packet, does anyone know if there is an available downloadable application form?

3.) Is NCLEX needed before I can pass the application form, or do I need to pass the IELTS before I can even request for an application form?

4.) Would you have any idea sir, if NEW JERSEY is on it's way or is considering to be a member of the COMPACT-STATE Agreement?

"X" GIRLFRIEND said...

oops.. my 3rd questio was wrong...

3.) IS IELTS needed before I can pass the application form, or do I need to pass the IELTS before I can even request an application form?

thanks again..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Lyle, may I ask if we are allowed to pass two application forms at the same time to two different states? Thanks.

Lyle, RN said...


Processing times varies depending on how fast the NJ board receives all required document. Also, since part of the requirements is the CES report from CGFNS, this will also be a factor. So, I can't give you a time frame. It all depends on how fast you submit your complete documents.

Local license is part of the CES requirements, you will need to submit an explanation letter to the CGFNS why you do not hold a local license. It will be up to the CGFNS to decide if they will issue a CES report in your favor if you do not have a local license.

Yes, it may affect your application. They may or may not deny your application. Best move is to contact them directly about the SSN.

Lyle, RN said...


All approvals (eligibility) are based on the completeness and timely submission of all required documents and payments. No other method speeds up the process.

Lyle, RN said...

"X" Girlfriend,

You can't download the application form, it has to be requested online.

You may request an application form by sending an e-mail to

You may now request and file your application to the Maryland BoN but they will not make you eligible to take the NCLEX until they receive your official IELTS scores.

For reference, visit these pages:




Lyle, RN said...


Yes, you can. But it will be double the cost and twice the hassle since you will need to submit payments and original documents to both States.

truth said...

Dear lyle
Which are the states do not require CES,fingerprint and ielts?
thanks in advance

xtian said...


it is possible to take nclex in vermont without experience?? i past my local board exam 2 years ago, and im not employed as nurse, and now i like to take nclex but i was confuse about the requirements....

xtian said...


it is possible to take nclex in vermont wihtout experience?? i passed my local board exam 2 years ago,and im not been employed as a nurse, can i take the exam in vermont??


dabotdabot said...

I am applying for California NCLEX. I am a Filipino and presently residing in the Philippines. I have questions regarding the Social Security Number(SSN) and Fingerprint card.

1. Regarding the Social Security Number in the application form, should I leave it blank?

2. Regarding the fingerprint (hard) card, may I ask instructions on how to fill up the following: Aliases (nickname or maiden name), Race (Filipino or Asian), Sex (F for female), and SSN (leave blank)?


Mela said...

i just passed the board exams this june. will it be better if i attend trainings and seminars first (like iv therapy) and apply at hospitals or should i take the nclex, cgfns and ielts first? plus, ive read that it would be better if ill use a mailing address from a relative residing in california. so ill use their address in all the forms? thanks!

Unknown said...

pls i ned your help! i am planning to apply for new york. should i first have cvs before sending the application forms and child abuse coursework certificate to new york or do both at the same time? am so confused.....

alona said...

i recently saw that i have been approved to take the exam with vermont board of nursing but that i am not yet eligible. do i register with pearsonvue or do i have to wait to be eligible or for some more documents? thanks!

Unknown said...

hi lyle!the florida application form doesn't have a fingerprint card, or any mention of it.Does Florida require fingerprint card?If so, how can get it?Thanks a lot!!

Lyle, RN said...


If you plan to work in the U.S. as a nurse, then you will eventually have to take the IELTS as required in the VisaScreen. The VisaScreen is an immigration requirement. Without it, you will not be allowed to enter and work in the U.S. as a nurse. So, there is no point in looking for a state that does not require it. However, most states do not require IELTS as a PRE-licensure requirement.

About CES, most states require it because they don't want to do the Credentials Review themselves. Anyway, California and Vermont are examples of States that do not require the CES but you still need to submit documents and credentials to them just like what you do when you are required the CES.

With regard to the fingerprint card, vermont also does not require it.

Lyle, RN said...


Yes, you can take the NCLEX exam through Vermont. It is expressly stated in the Application Form insructions:

If you graduated from your nursing program within the last 5 years and
have not worked at all, you may leave the section blank.

Lyle, RN said...


About the SSN, just put none. Contact the CA board directly about the fingerprint requirements.

Lyle, RN said...


It is better if you take all the exams first (NCLEX, IELTS, etc) because after you pass all the exams, you will have all the time (actually too much time with retrogression) to train and work in a hospital while waiting for your visa to work abroad.

Actually, using a U.S. address in the form will only speed up the mailing time. That's all there is to it.

Lyle, RN said...


There is no specific order in which the forms must be sent. What's important is you comply with all the requirements.

Please note that NY takes a long time in making an applicant eligible to take the exam. So, make sure you submit all required documents as fast as you can.

Lyle, RN said...


If you have been approved to take the exam, that means you are now eligible. It's the same thing.

Check your e-mail for any letter from the board and yes, you may now register at pearson vue.

Contact the board directly for clarifications.

Lyle, RN said...


If there is no mention of it, then it is not required. All requirements and instructions are usually posted in the application form.

The updated florida application form (July 2008) is posted at our Application Forms section.

xtian said...

thanks a lot....

Debbie Vidal said...

hi there..

can i ask if its okay that im going to use my cert of passing .. in lieu of license. since its not yet available ?

Lyle, RN said...

That depends on the State, whatchamakewlet.

Debbie Vidal said...


state of california..

im a june 08 passer and my license is not yet available.,. can i use my cert of passing in lieu of my license?

thanks lyle.

Unknown said...

abt the CES again, uv mentioned that CA doesnt require it right? however, uv also mentioned that if we would intend to apply for reciprocity, we would most likely comply w/ the requirements of the other state, in my case TX (w/c originally requires the CES). so in this case, will i be correct to say that it will be wiser and less hassle if il just apply for TX since that is where i intend to work anyway?

Unknown said...

if i would be applying for the CES, it was indicated that it would take atleast 6-8weeks. in that case, i would have to wait for that 1st before i can send off my completed nclex application to TX, right? whew! it would take forever before i can get my eligibility if id apply for TX!

also, TX would require the fingerprint card. but thru the link they gave where this can be requested, the fingerprint card is to be sent to an address in the US. can i not request for the card to be sent here in the phil? or even if i would have the card sent to an address in tx and to be forwarded to me here, would they accept it if it will be completed thru NBI instead? (sorry, i really am so clueless)

Mela said...

thanks a lot. i am now gathering all the requirements for my nclex. what should i do with the fingerprint scan? is that what its called? if ill use my relative's address pano ko magaavail (i dont know if thats the right term) ng livescan fingerprint? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Lyle.. Does VT issue RN license after passing the NCLEX exam? or do they require SSN prior to handing out the license?

Unknown said...

hope you can help me out
nakalagy po sa approved to take exam is YES august 28 pero sa made eligible to take exam is BLANK ppa po sa Vermont application ko po
1: pwede npo b ako magregister sa pearson?
2: do I need to wait for a hard copy of my eligibility? and where kopo mkkita un kse wala pa po ako nttngap until now
3: need kona po b mgbayad pagka register?
4: tatakbo npo b ung valid dates pagka file and ilang months po sa vermont valid application kopo?
pxnxa npo sana po u can help me
thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

hi lyle!

if i take the nclex for vermont, would i be able to work in other states? say california or new york for example?

thank you!

tj said...

hi lyle a fresh grad and ngpply for nclex sa vermont....board certifcate palng po yung meron aku....kung mgpapass na po aku ng docs ngaun...maprorocess na po ba agad? without d copy of the license? o kpag nafollow up ku na po yung license tsaka po palang mgstart proceessing? kc sa nov 4 ku pa po makukuha license...e im planning to pass na po yung mga me po..tnxtnx...

tj ;p

tj said...

lyle.... a fresh grad po...and planning to take nclex sa nov 4 ku pa po makukuha yung license ku at prc...ang meron palng po aku board certificate and others docs....ask ku lng po na kung mgpapass na po aku ngaun ng docs....mgstart na po ba yung processing para sa eligibility? or hihintayin pa po nila mafollow up ku yung license ku sa nov 4?....pls help me po...medyu confused po kc aku ahehehe....tnxtnx...btw...ang ganda po ng blog nyu...laking tulong...

tj ;p

tawinu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tawinu said...

Sir Lyle,
please help me!
I sent my NCLEX application form to California BON. and now, i decided that i want to work in Florida, after i got my license.
Sir, when i will do for the Endorsement, do i need to do CGFNS?
Or as early as now, do i need to inform that i want to change from California BON to Florida BON?
Please advice me which will be better.

Thanks alot for your time & kindness!

Unknown said...

hi there.. am new here.. i've just read your guide for the nclex application.. i've been surfing the net for quite some time and still have'nt found any nclex application form for maryland. can you help me out with this? does it require me to take cgfns first? a reply would be very much appreciated.. thanks in advance!

Unknown said...


hi!! good Day.. I just recently passed my NCLEX- RN state of california.. It is stated on the letter that I have to submit my SSN or after 3 years my license will be dissolved. Please help me with my concern. Do I need to retake my exam? thank you so much and hope you can help me with my concern

Unknown said...

hello...can anyone e-mail me pls the requirements and step-by-step guide in applying for the nclex exam in NEW YORK...i would really appreciate your help...thank you!!!have a great day!=)

here's my

Unknown said...

Hi good day =) am new here.. i am a filipino nurse who has just passed the NLE this june 2008 and i am planning to process my NCLEX application next month or this december. My concern is that I have this friend who is also interested to join me process his NCLEX application but the problem is that he will take the NLE this coming November 2008 pa. Would that be possible na mkpgprocess siya ng NCLEX application niya this november or december eventhough he is not yet RN here sa Philippines? If yes, what state nman po ang tumatanggap ng application for NCLEX with this case? Fortunately if God's will, pg labas ng result early next year, mggng RN nrin siya =) Hoping for replies, tanx a lot =)

Z. Moussa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SIMPLY ME said...

hello to everyone... CGFNS review of credentials is an evaluation of your documents whether you've completed them and that you're ready for the exam.. I think it's required in Illinois before NCLEX.. If you have questions there's a web site in this blog and an article of what's the difference between these two and how they differ from NCLEX.. In NCLEX, you just have to complete the forms, also available in this site, let your grad school help you and then $105 for the application for eligibility... In Morayta, Mla. there are lots of review centers and agencies that can evaluate you for free... Try browsing this blog... tc>")

Lyle, RN said...


In the past, the State of California and New Mexico allowed nursing graduates from the Philippines to file for the NCLEX exam without a local RN license.

However, recently some NCLEX applicants are saying that the State of California no longer accepts applications without a local RN license.

As for New Mexico, I have no direct information, I suggest you contact them directly.

Just visit their website to get their contact information. For contact info or website address, you can visit

Lyle, RN said...

Abby Gael,

The step-by-step instructions and requirements for NY NCLEX is posted at

The NCLEX Application Form for New York is available at our APPLICATION FORMS section.

You will need Adobe Reader to open it.

Lyle, RN said...

Yanie808, contact the state board of california and ask for an extension once the two-year period for submitting an SSN expires. This is a common dilemma for filipino nurses.

The only way for you to get an SSN is if you obtain a valid permanent or work visa.

About your exam results, it will be retained. Since you already passed NCLEX exam, your exam records will be permament.

What will be expunged by the California Board, if you are unable to provide an SSN, is your application record with them. You will not be required to re-take the exam even if they destroy your records.

Lyle, RN said...


The NCLEX application form for the State of Maryland is be request only.

You may request for an Application Form by sending an e-mail to or by calling 1-410-585-1929 (U.S. number).

A comprehensive guide in applying for licensure (NCLEX) in the State of Maryland is provided at this page:

CGFNS Exam is NOT a requirement in Maryland but they require the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) from CGFNS. Please take note that the CGFNS Exam is different from the CES by CGFNS. For steps in applying for CES, just visit

Lyle, RN said...


You have several options.

Option A. Contact the State of California and inform them that you are canceling your application for licensure (NCLEX). Then file another application in the State of Florida.

About the CGFNS exam question, the State of Florida does NOT require the CGFNS exam but they require the IELTS and a full education course-by-course credentials review by the CGFNS.

Option B. Just endorse your license to Florida AFTER you are issued a license by California.

However, please note that you will only be issued a license by California if are able to submit a U.S. social security number (SSN). Read my other responses here about SSN.

Lyle, RN said...


Yes, the board certificate will do. But the State of Vermont will require a copy of your license before they will issue your US RN license once you pass the NCLEX.

Lyle, RN said...


Yes, but you have to apply for Licensure by Endorsement at the board of the state where you intend to work.

Also, please note that the requirements and fees for Licensure by Endorsement is almost the same as applying for NCLEX directly in the State where you intend to work.

This is why I always tell people to apply for NCLEX in the State where they actually intend to work.

Lyle, RN said...


You may register at pearson vue. Expect to receive your eligibility letter any time soon. If you provided an e-mail address in you application, VT will e-mail you the eligibility letter. Check your BULK/SPAM folder if you still haven't received it.

You will be paying the $150 once you schedule you exam and not during registration.

The validity of your eligibility and ATT will be indicated in the communication sent out to you by pearson and the VT board.

Lyle, RN said...


VT does not require the SSN for issuing your license. You will get it one month after passing the NCLEX exam.

The only instance that VT holds the issuance of US RN license is when the applicant failed to attach a copy of the local RN license with the application.

Lyle, RN said...


I'm sorry I did not understand your question. Can you post your question again and please provide as many details as you can.

Lyle, RN said...


YES, it is better to apply directly at TX since you intend to work there anyway.

While they have more requirements, you'll end up with A LOT MORE requirements to deal with if you go through CA then just endorse to TX because you will actually be complying with the requirements of both states instead of just TX requirements.

About the fingerprint card, it is best that you clarify the issue directly with the TX board of nursing.

Lyle, RN said...


Yes, you can but you will have to attach an explanation letter stating that your RN license is still on process.

eci said...
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eci said...

Good Day, I would like to know if the school requirements/credentials like Verification of Education, TOR, RLE must be sent directly by my school to Vermont or it could be included together with the application packet? I've heard that some states like CA requires school credentials to be mailed separately and it should directly come from the school to the CA BON. Please advise. Thanks in advance. God Bless :)

Unknown said...

so sad.... =( hmmmm... after po ba ng NCLEX exam (provided i have alredy passed it) is it required po ba to take an english exam (IELTS) before i can work as a RN in California? Kung required po ang IELTS, is it possible po ba na unahin nalang naming itake yung IELTS before NCLEX while waiting for my friend na pumasa sa NLE? I appreciate ur response, thank u so much.. =)

Lyle, RN said...


You can do the mailing but tt must be sent separately. Di pwede isabay sa application mo.

What you can do is ask the school to seal the documents using the school's official envelope the just mail it yourself.

Lyle, RN said...


Yes, required ang IELTS for the VisaScreen Certificate which is a requirement when you are finally interviewed at the U.S. embassy by the consul.

You may take the IELTS first but I recommend you take IELTS last kasi may 2-year expiration ang IELTS. Baka mapaso lang IELTS mo like some people I know kasi nahirapan silang ipasa ang NCLEX. Nag-expire na lang IELTS nila, di pa nila naipapasa NCLEX so they end up re-taking the IELTS again.

Unknown said...

ganon po ba? wat can u advise po samin na pwd naming gawin while waiting for my friend's result sa NLE? This november plng po kasi siya mgttake ng NLE e, and we have plans rin po kac working in US kya sana after november NLE mgsstart na kming mgprocess ng anything na mggamit nmin on our application in US. Please give us some advise po, thank u so much.. =)

Lyle, RN said...


I suggest you use the time to review for the NCLEX and other exams extensively.

There is no point in fast tracking your exams since there is currently a visa retrogression affecting all nurses with approved I-140 petition.

Visa retrogression is a visa backlog where there are more approved petitions for visa than there are visa numbers available.

Just so you know, nurses who were petitioned by U.S. employers back in MAY 2005 are the ones being given their visa right now.

That's almost a 3-year wait after completing all the required exams like NCLEX and IELTS.

Unknown said...

helo po...just want to ask po kung ung sa signature part po ba sa application form at fingerprint card for california po ay dapat magkapareho. is it necessary po ba na dapat ay entire/whole name po ang ilalagay sa signature or pwede rin po na ung shortcut lang po. regarding po sa address dun sa aplication form I'm bothered po kasi nakalagay po dun city at state.. since hindi po kasi city ung samin, municipality/town po..dun ko pa rin po ba ilalagay sa my city or ilagay at isama ko na lang po dun sa haws and steet number.. ilalagay ko din po ba ung province sa my state or i will just leave it blank at isama ko na lang po sa box ng haws and street number din po? at ok lang po ba na ung fingerprint card ko na ipapass is nung last september 29, 2008 ko pa po napagawa? at pwede po bang pagsabayin ko na ipass ung galing sa skul at ung personal aplication in different envelop tru fed-ex? ung nakalagay po dun sa envelop galing po skul eh ung address na Board of Registered Nursing,P.O. Box 944210 Sacramento,CA 94244-2100...pwede po ba ang address na ito tru fed ex? at pwede ko po bang gamitin na lng ung address na Board of Registered Nursing 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N-217 Sacramento, CA 95834-1924 for my personal aplication tru fed-ex po..maraming maraming salamat po...your response would be a great help po for me and this will be highly appreciated po..ill wait for your response po.. thank you very much..

Unknown said...

Good Day Lyle, Ask ko lang if given the ATT already from VT, can you take the exam to other states like for example in CA though you applied in VT? Thanks in advance :)

Lyle, RN said...


NO, that's for VT only. If you want to be licensed in CA, just apply for Licensure by Endorsement after passing the NCLEX.

Lyle, RN said...


Please separate your questions in paragraphs next time for better readability. I had a hard time reading your questions.

I also suggest that you use the correct spelling of the words in anticipation for IELTS /TOEFL which, as a nurse, you'll be taking in the future.

About the signatures..
To make sure, use the same signature.

About your address..
Write your Town/Municipality under CITY.

About the school docuements..
Be sure to send them in separate envelopes.

About the CA address..
Use the address indicated in the CA Application Forms. If they have a different address for the school documents, use it. There's a reason for it. To avoid delays, follow the instructions to the letter.

eci said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Sir Lyle for your quick reply. :)

I just would like to further clarify. Because I applied in VT (faster way and SSN is not required), is it possible that I sit-in for an exam in one of the testing centers in CA though my eligibility came from VT? I'm planning to go to US and I wonder if this is possible since my family lives in CA. They told me to do that but I don't have any idea if that's possible and legal to do so. Please advise. Thank you kindly. God Bless :)

Lyle, RN said...


You can take the NCLEX in any Pearson Vue testing center around the world. This includes the testing centers in California.

Just make sure to schedule your exam in a California testing center.

jham said...

does anyone here knows whats is CES all about?

and can anyone pls tell me the instruction in applying in florida.. because their website doesnt provide enough info unlike in NY state website....


an answer to my question will realy realy be appreciated......

Lyle, RN said...


CES is Credentials Evaluation Service.

Basically, it is just a program where CGFNS International will collect and review your credentials (Education, License, Experience, etc.) and issue a certificate stating your credentials are similar to U.S. nursing graduates.

Please take note that this is NOT similar to the CGFNS exam. CES, simply put, is just a review of documents. Most states require the CES instead of the CGFNS exam.

Complete information is provided here:

The CES will be used by the Florida Board of Nursing as basis in making you eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.

For instructions in applying, it is posted at the Florida Board of Nursing website at

A more thorough set of instructions is also outlined in the Application Form which is available at this site (Pinoy R.N.) and at the Florida Board of Nursing Site:

Good luck!

Unknown said...

sir lyle,
ask ko lng po ano po pede gawin pag expired na ung att?my att is about to expire on jan.4.due to unfortunate circumstances, i won't be able to take the exam within that time frame.what can i do to take the nclex again?I wasn't able to schedule an exam by the way.

i read on the nclex bulletin that those who fail to take the test within the validity of their att must register again and pay again to take the exam. does it mean i have to register online again at pearsonvue and pay the $200.or do i have to pass all my requirements again.pls help.
tnx much!God bless!

Lyle, RN said...


You can still use the old account that you registered at the pearson vue site but you will have to apply and pay again.

Contact the state board where you applied, they will give you detailed instructions.

jham said...

thanks for th response...
is it ok if im put my address here in phil.. where i reside and just put the address of my relative in new york for my mailing address...... i think it doesnt matter anyway.... am i correct...

and one thing york nclex doesnt have a finger printing thing....... right.......

Unknown said...

What nclex state does not require local license? Results is not yet been released. I'm planning to apply in vermont because many say it's the fastest state to issue a license.

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