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With a few weeks left before the nursing board exams, here are a few practical tips for our future nurse colleagues. This is part of Pinoy R.N.'s continuing commitment to assist examinees prepare for the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam. These tips may be basic but has proven to be very useful test-taking techniques:

  • Cover the choices when reading the question. This way, your thought process will not be influenced by the choices.
  • Before looking at the choices, try formulating your answer then look at the available choices. Choose the choice closest to your own answer.
  • Always read all of the choices before choosing your final answer.
  • Use the process of elimination. Write an X mark beside choices that are obviously wrong.
  • Answer the easier questions first. However, mark the numbers that you skipped to make sure you don't miss answering them later.
  • Only change your answer when you are absolutely sure of your new answer.
  • Between positive and negative answers, the positive choice is more likely the correct answer.
  • The choice that is grammatically consistent with the question is more likely the correct answer.
  • The answer containing the most information is more likely the correct answer.
  • When "All of the Above" is included in the choices and you find two more correct choices, "All of the above" is more likely the correct answer.
  • When you find two choices that completely negate each other, chances are one of them is the correct answer.
  • If you find all choices to be correct, remember that you are looking for the best answer.

Other updates such as PRC room assignments, last-minute announcements, nursing board exam tips and complete exam results for the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam will be posted here at Pinoy R.N. and at our affiliate site, Ward Class, as it becomes available.

Examinees to the November 2009 PRC Nurse Licensure Examination may also opt to receive nursing board exam tips and updates via e-mail by submitting a valid e-mail address below.

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