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Ways to Jumpstart Your Nursing Career

So you finished nursing school and passed the nursing board exams with flying colors. You certainly want to land a nursing job that's financially-rewarding as it is fulfilling. But you don't know where to begin.

True enough, having a rewarding nursing career doesn't automatically happen after obtaining a nursing degree and passing the boards. There are those who have worked as a nurse for years and still don't find their chosen career the least bit fulfilling.

The nursing profession may be one of the most stressful careers but it can be rewarding and fulfilling if you are able to make wise career choices. As an entry-level nurse, you have to jumpstart your nursing career, learn in-demand skill sets, get noticed, and make things happen for you so that you can grab the most rewarding nursing career opportunities. Here then are some tips on how you can jumpstart your nursing career.

  • Research. Read on different nursing specialties so you will have an idea what specific area you want to practice eventually. Do you think you'll make it good as an OR nurse someday? Have you heard that travel nursing is fun and financially rewarding? Then research and ask around about these areas so you'll have a general feel if you've found a potential niche in the nursing profession.
  • Learn, learn, and learn. If you want to be on top of the nursing career ladder someday, then you must get ahead by learning more by obtaining nursing certifications. You can also attend workshops or obtain an advanced nursing degree.
  • Accept challenges. Whether you want an in-demand nursing job, or a raise or a promotion later in your career, remember that those who advance in any career are the ones who possess leadership skills and initiative. So if you want better career opportunities, accept challenges by volunteering for tasks or projects even if it may mean extra work for you.
  • Build relationships. As nurses, we always collaborate with our colleagues and other medical professionals. Maintain a good relationship with your superiors and peers. It is also wise to choose a mentor within your nursing unit and learn from that colleague. 
  • Use technology to your best advantage. If you want to be a globally competitive nurse, then you should be tech-savvy. Remember that technology has dramatically altered the ways in which we manage nursing problems and issues. In fact, technology has provided the solutions that enable us to enhance the practice of nursing. There's a wealth of information available on how you can become tech-savvy and you can start by learning or two about podcasts and mobile applications specifically made for nurses and other medical professionals.

    Having that nursing career of your dreams will not happen overnight but if you're able to jumpstart your nursing career early and obtain the necessary skills set and have the right attitude, the climb up the nursing career ladder will be easier. And who knows, you might just be recognized as one of the trailblazers in the nursing profession someday.

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