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NCLEX RESULTS: The Agony of Waiting

So you finally took the NCLEX exam but you don't know whether you passed or failed. You feel like the questions were impossible to answer but you know you gave it your best. You have feelings of ambivalence, you feel relieved that your exam is finally over and done with but you also feel anxious knowing that it may not be over afterall.

If you can relate to the statements above, then this article is for you.

This article will attempt to answer common questions that examinees often ask after taking the NCLEX exam.

Does the level of difficulty vary from state to state?

Quick Answer: NO
Explanation: The level of difficulty of the NCLEX exam is the same in all states. Questions are pooled in a test bank where a computer determines which question to ask next depending on the candidate's performance on the previous questions given.

Does the number of questions asked indicate whether I passed or failed the exam?

Quick Answer: NO
Explanation: The number of questions asked does not in any way indicate pass or fail status. If the exam ended at 75 questions, it simply means that the computer has determined the candidate's ability to answer 50% of the questions correctly with just 75 questions. If it reached 265 questions, it simply means that more questions were needed to evaluate the candidate's competency level.

How many questions should I answer correctly to pass the NCLEX

Unlike other exams, the NCLEX is not scored according to how many items were answered correctly. The test is designed so both passers and flunkers tend to score around the passing standard. If an examinee begins scoring above the passing standard, the questions become harder. If the candidate's percentage begins to go below the passing standard, the questions become easier.

The computer will continue to give questions until it is 95% certain that the candidate is above or below the passing standard, until 265 questions have been given, or until the alloted time rans out.

What determines the pass or fail status is the candidate's ability to remain above the passing standard which is based on consistency in answering questions correctly.

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I ran out of time, does it mean that I failed the exam?
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Quick Answer: NO
Explanation: If the candidate exceeds the allotted six (6) hours for the exam, the computer will evaluate the last 60 items given and determine whether the candidate is above or below the passing standard.
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Are exam results accessible to Pearson VUE personnel / Test Center staff?
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Quick Answer: NO
Explanation: Exam results are electronically encrypted and transmitted to the State Board where the candidate applied for licensure. Pearson VUE personnel have no access to the results.
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I answered the last question wrong, does it mean that I failed?
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Quick Answer: NO
Explanation: Pass/fail status is determined by the candidate's ability to remain above the passing standard which is based on consistency in answering questions correctly. One question is not enough to determine such.
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How soon do I get my exam results?
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Official exam results are sent by the state board where the candidate has applied for licensure. The process typically takes 3-4 weeks depending on the State. Some states have quick results (3 workings days from exam date) which is accessible online.
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DISCLAIMER: Information posted are deduced from NCSBN materials. Care has been exercised in the preparation of this article to maintain accuracy.
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Anonymous said...

Great thing about NCLEX is that there are no leakage. Just honest to goodness nursing questions. I pray that the PRC and PNA can establish the same integrity as the NCLEX.

Anonymous said...

Applying at a state that is part of the quick result system of the nursys helps a lot in terms of reducing stress levels. I had an unfortunate experience with a BON that is not part of the nursys. My mail did not arrive in time because it somehow got lost along the way. I had to call over and over again to follow up on it. And one CSR told me that I failed only to find out that I did pass when I finally got my mail after three whole months! :(

Anonymous said...

The Phil's PRC should seriously consider the ideal administration of the NCLEX exams by the offical testing arm of NCSBN. Kung may tutularin tayo, ito na yun. If there is a will, there will be plenty of means to achieve it. Kaya nila, kaya din natin.

I am with those who took the NCLEX when it comes to the mental torture brought about by the long wait. Sana lahat ng US states sumali na sa Quick Results. The extra pay would be worth the relief of stress during the 3-4 weeks of checking your mailbox, asking your co-examinees if they already got their results and episodes of anxiety or blank stares as you go over the answers you made if they were correct or otherwise.

Moreover, receiving the exam results earlier would facilitate future plans.

Better, i-email na lang kaya ng BON yung results.

lenjoy03 said...

Hi... Actually I haven't taken the NCLEX yet. I just want to know kung sobrang hirap po ba ang exam! Kasi our reviewers said na sobrang dali daw ng CGFNS at NCLEX. Mas madali pa sa NLE. But other says sobrang hirap daw po. CAn you please give me some information about the exam and how does it feel po ba?

annelieseRN said...

Hello My Friend:

I was surfing the web and I saw the trouble you were having passing the nclex. I too had the same problem when I took the nclex. I had to take it 3 times!

Here is my story:

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The problem with all these review books and courses is that they do not focus on delegation and prioritization enough. The nclex has changed in the wake of 9/11 and these two concepts are tested very heavily. I saw a weakness in these areas and this is why I made my 6 CD's

My Seminar is definately a need for you. But may I also suggest some must need books.

NCLEX - PN 250 New format Questions. Click on the link on my site:

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I absolutely think that Lippincott's NCLEX Review is great. It has 3000 questions with answers and rationale and it is divided into the 9 systems.

My friend, I am extremely passionate about helping people pass their nclex and I would not steer you wrong. My site is updated daily. I trust by now you found the FREE nclex questions on my site:

And I update my NCLEX Series every month so I am really on top of the NCLEX. My series use to sell for $199.00 but I lowered the price simply because I care for students, I care for people.

You don't have to buy the books new on Amazon. People are selling them used just be sure you get the latest edition. I would do 150 questions a day and if you buy my series I will walk you through how to study.

Good luck and God bless you.


Anonymous said...

to lenjoy03....i just saw ur comment when i was browsing this web....I'm already a nurse here in North Carolina.....with regards sa question mo....I really don't know but based on my experience mas nahirapan nga ako sa NLE ko...I took NCLEX and CGFNS too.... so if am going to rate it...based on my experience hardest ang NLE, followed by CGFNS and pinakamadali nga ang NCLEX....when I took my NLE I wasn't relly confident enough that I'll be able to pass it but so far I passed it at nakapasok pa sa top 20. But with my CGFNS and NCLEX I was really confident na makakapasa ako...but again that's only on my case....for those who's going to take the exam...Good Luck, keep on striving and always ask for God's guidance......

Unknown said...

Actually madali nga lang talaga ang NCLEX. grabe. ayaw ko ng NLE!!!! mahirap. 78.8 lang ako, but in NCLEX-RN i passed it in 75 questions.

chico said...

i just finished taking the nclex about an hour ago... and yes you are right, i am ambilent and anzxious and having mix emotions ... i finished all the 265 questions.. what is the meaning that of 50% of all answers are right or until computer is 95% sure? should I answer 95% of the questions right? or is 50% right answers are enough? is it true that since i answered all the 265 questions , the Computer is giving me a chance because I am not getting the right answers ahh please help me...

Mark said...

Yes,you must worry about how you will pass the NCLEX test? Than you can find the new solution and techniques to pass the NCLEX test .

It was like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I had to cut-out my social life and fun. (You'll lose all hope wondering if you're studying real NCLEX test content or if you're wasting hours and weeks in vain.) I was chained to my inferior NCLEX-RN study guide and a slave to this exam. This misery went on for 3 months of late nights and weekends of studying. Don't let it happen to you.

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