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News of Leakage, West Negros College Irregularities, and IELTS Fraud Alarms CGFNS

Pinoy R.N. today got hold of a communication sent out by Donna Rae Richardson JD, RN, Director for Governmental Affairs and Professional Standards of the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) to US State Boards of Nursing, US Department of Homeland Security, IELTS, and other nursing stakeholders detailing the recent issues affecting nurse licensure regulation as well as irregularities in the conduct of IELTS examinations in the Philippines.

Nursing licensure concerns mentioned in the communication included the overloading of academic units and related learning experience (RLE) hours of students from West Negros College. It also scored the mass resignation of members of the CHED nursing technical committee and the alleged leakage in the recently concluded June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination.

The communication, sent out last July 19, 2006 narrated the irregularities discovered by United Kingdom’s Nurse and Midwifery Council (NMC) on the conduct of IELTS english proficiency exam in the country. Irregularities mentioned included impersonation and fabrication of fraudulent IELTS test scores.

In view of the irregularities, the CGFNS has implemented stricter guidelines in the screening and verification of applicants’ documents coming from the Philippines.


june RN said...

GAPUZ' review center TOPNOTCHERS? (from number 1 to number 10???) this is the first time, gapuz results are like this!!!!! suspicious indeed!!!!

this has been taken from ragapuzreviewcenter website: (i just included the schools)

and GAPUZ's Advertisement published in MANILA BULLETIN, JULY 30, 2006 (SUNDAY), C SECTION


(when i read their ad, lalo na ung list ng mga topnotchers nila sa 1st column, i cant help but think na posibleng involved ang GAPUZ review center sa leakage..

from top 1 hanggang top 10 (number 2 lang ang wala), me mga taga GAPUZ!! kayo, hindi ba kayo magtataka sa result na yan???!!



Posted July 19, 2006

1. Gringo De Guzman San Diego (RAGRC Dagupan)
University of Pangasinan 83.20 1st place
2. Marivic Ortiz Alcantara (Millenium Legaspi)
Immaculate Conception College 82.80 3rd place
3. Emily Palabrica Ubaldo (Millenium Bacolod)
Riverside College 82.60 4th place
4. Maelaurece Christine Llanos Plaza (RAGRC Cebu)
Southwestern University 82.60 4th place
5. Rhoda Medina Paroa (Millenium Lucena)
Manuel S. Enverga Univ. Foundation 82.40 5th place
6. Celeste Conti Castillo (RAGRC Manila)
Western Mindanao State University 82.40 5th place
7. Patricia Camille Valera Luna (RAGRC Manila)
Trinity College 82.20 6th place
8. Ellanie Cabillar Maraguinot (RAGRC Cebu)
Velez College 82.20 6th place
9. Rocky Venenciano San Pedro (Millenium Cabanatuan)
Wesleyan Univ. of the Philippines 82.20 6th place
10. Rhea Angelica Bolor Quintain (RAGRC Manila)
San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. 82.20 6th place
11. Lirio Fajardo Caspillo (Millenium Cabanatuan)
M.V. Gallego Foundation Colleges 82.00 7th place
12. Vanessa Faith Villaruz YbaƱez (RAGRC Cebu)
Southwestern University 82.00 7th place
13. Chona Nietes Nazareno (RAGRC Manila
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College 82.00 7th place
14. Joanna Sandy Pantaleon Villaester (Millenium Bacolod)
Riverside College 82.00 7th place
15. Irene Kate Napoles Bautista (RAGRC Manila)
University of the Philippines 81.80 8th place
16. Stephanie San Juan Musa (Millenium Bacolod)
University of St. La Salle 81.80 8th place
17. Russell Salvador Abalos (RAGRC Dagupan)
Lyceum Northwestern 81.80 8th place
18. Lyn Daryl Mateo Feliciano (Millenium Lucena)
Adventist University of the Philippines 81.80 8th place
19. Benedict Nevada Mayo (RAGRC Dagupan)
Lyceum Northwestern University 81.80 8th place
20. Felipe Jr. Petras Sotelo (RAGRC Dagupan)
University of Pangasinan 81.80 8th place
21. Grace Maria Juarez Salinas (Millenium Bacolod)
Riverside College 81.60 9th place
22. Melody Aoanan Aquino (RAGRC Dagupan)
Lyceum Northwestern University 81.60 9th place
23. Kenneth Pulido Bisda (RAGRC Manila)
Angeles Univ. Foundation 81.60 9th place
24. Odessa Moragas Rios (RAGRC Cebu)
Velez College 81.60 9th place
25. Ma. Sheila Caballero Rubia (RAGRC Cebu)
Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College) 81.60 9th place
26. Ma. Chriselda Oasin Ventura (RAGRC Manila)
Angeles Univ. Foundation 81.60 9th place
27. Kristina May De Vera Angel (RAGRC Manila)
Philippine Rehabilitation Institute Foundation, Inc. 81.60 9th place
28. Claudine Floresca Navalta (RAGRC Manila)
World City College 81.60 9th place
29. Beatriz Sola Sembrano (Millenium Bacolod)
Riverside College 81.40 10th place
30. Cyrille Mae Aquino (RAGRC Baguio)
University of Northern Philippines 81.40 10th place
31. Lura Delle Medina Labris (Millenium Lucena)
Adventist University of the Philippines 81.40 10th place
32. Margarett Lesli Delda Bandoy (Millenium Lucena)
St. Scholastica’s College of Health Sciences 81.40 10th place
33. Mary Grace Espenida Ancheta (RAGRC Baguio)
Saint Loius University 81.40 10th place


Anonymous said...

gringo san diego had his intensive review at RUN, Inc. (Review University for Nurses, Inc.) at Sta. Mesa, Manila while Felipe Sotelo Jr. had his intensive review at Northcap in Baguio. Both of them, including me, are graduates of the University of Pangasinan, however, our in-house review was conducted by gapuz. I also took my intensive review at northcap together with most of our batchmates, including Felipe. The problem is, Gapuz is claiming that all of us who passed the NLE were his reviewees.

Anonymous said...

It's really a sad day for the whole philippine nursing profession. This is a serious matter to look into. I hope our government will do something inorder to bring back the trust and confidence of other countries, especially those who believed in filipino nurses' capacities & competence. A speedy and credible solution is highly needed in this critical time.

Bradd Pitt (Gensan)

Anonymous said...
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purple_bridge said...

hi i am a masscom graduate at the pamantasan ng lungsod ng maynila and i am researching lives of nursing graduates. regarding their goals in life and the background of their story. sana mainterview ko yung mga nurses dito kahit sa email. pwede nyo akong i-email sa

Anonymous said...

hi this is bridgette and i am a masscom graduate at the pamantasan ng lungsod ng maynila.
i was wondering if i can interview some of the nurses regarding their dreams and background of your lives...kasi i am currently working on a story.
hope you respond. you can reach me at

eto po yung questions:
1. why did you choose nursing as a profession?
2. have you ever dreamt of working abroad? what are the steps that you've undergone to expedite that?
3. if you're working abroad, what are the working conditions? the pay?
4. what are your experiences as a nurse? or even as a nursing student?


Anonymous said...

Is there a law in the Philippines stating that a college is not allowed to force their students into acquiring the services of a review center or to be in an in-house review?

Anonymous said...

hi, this is witch...I would just like to ask who I can interview regarding the leakage in the nursing exam and also to the students who take the licensure exam... It's part of my feature writing class(don't worry I can change your name, if you like privacy. This article will be submitted ONLY to my professor.You can email me at You!

WNC_Webmaster said...


A Disclaimer by West Negros College

On the evening of August 16, 2006, news about the leakages in the June 2006 Nurses Licensure Examinations were shown on national TV. It indicated that there were twenty two educational institutions that benefited from the said activity.

Before we progress with our official statement, we deem it of paramount importance that we re-iterate our core values that characterize who and what we are as an academic institution.

Through the decades past, West Negros College imbibed moral values, inculcated character building, and adhered to Christian principles. These are the values that characterize us, these are the ideals that define West Negros College.

Going back to the issue at hand, it was reported that a review center conducted a final review on June 8 & 9 in Manila, where the leakages were allegedly shown to the deans representing varying schools. The name of West Negros College was identified as one of the institutions that were present in the said review.

Let it be known that West Negros College did not, will not, and never will participate in such an academically-illicit undertaking. We vehemently deny, and express in the strongest possible terms, our disclaimer to this news. There is absolutely no truth to these reports, and for that, we convey our utmost resentment.

There was no dean from West Negros College that attended the June 8 & 9 event. We challenge those responsible for spreading the news to produce evidence in support of their claim.

We stand for competence and commitment to quality education.

Above all, we stand for integrity.

We will not do any undertaking that would run against what we stand for.

Anonymous said...

I browsed through just now and I can't find that news you're talking about. I believe that was private communication, if ever there was one. I just don't know if you're telling the truth regarding such a letter.Is this another "scare" tactic?How can you have a copy of a confidential letter?If ever you do, then show us proof, otherwise I take this as another gossip. So dear readers of this other ridiculous blog, please take what you read here with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

any updates on the issues?

can we see the copy of the communication online?

Anonymous said...

Why should I pay the price?
CTALK By Cito Beltran
The Philippine Star 09/01/2006

This is a true story of sacrifice and injustice.

It was a big sacrifice for Noli and his family.

For two years, Noli set out to do what two generations before him couldn’t afford or failed to achieve. A simple dream, a human right. It did not require much travel, nor was it about scaling Mt. Everest.

However, it meant somehow being indebted even if there was no expectation from his sponsor who committed to support his expenses for two years.

It meant not being able to help in the day to day chores of a family where an extra man and extra hands greatly eased his parents' burden.

And if that wasn’t hard enough he also had to give up on any gimmicks, outings, fiestas that his friends were going to. Given his disadvantage in life, he needed to focus on the goal.

Everyone in the small barangay knew about his good fortune in finding a sponsor, now everybody was watching if he would pass or fail. If he had what it took to reach the goal, to fulfill the dream.

For two years he trained, morning till night, daily he showed up resting only on Sunday to keep a promise to attend Sunday service. Soon enough the dream was more real. He actually had an on the job training.

For that he needed more money. He had to live in Manila for two months, work day and night and adjust to a culture so different from the life he knew in the province.

Inspired by actual work experience, Noli returned to the province to undergo in-house review. That meant asking for another P8,000 from his sponsor. But it would all be worth it once he graduated and that he did.

He wasn’t top of the class but it didn’t matter. Not to him, not to his sponsor, not to the whole barangay. He had a bigger hurdle ahead of him and everyone wanted to encourage him.

Noli was not immune to the envy of his younger brother and sisters who wonder if they will be lucky enough to pursue their dream. Nor could he spare himself the guilt that his brothers and sisters have to pick up the chores he should be doing.

He had to take the state exams. For this he would have to move back to Manila and ask his sponsor for another P25,000 for what they call critical review program. A month later would be the intensive interview training which would cost his parents and grandma P20,000.

It didn’t matter that his grandma was just a cook earning P3,000 or that his father was just a carpenter feeding 5 kids and a grandchild. Even his sponsor ignored the dent on his limited finances. Everyone was taking part in building the dream of the next generation.

Once the dream comes true, the next generation can now believe it can be done. That they can graduate from any course they set their hearts and minds to, that with the help of God and family they can now become licensed professionals.

Noli took the State tests. He passed. He passed the board exams for nursing of 2006.

Two years and more than two hundred thousand pesos later the state now denies him his dream. The state denies the dreams of his parents, his family, his sponsor, even his barangay.

It is claimed that there was a leakage in the exams, that there was cheating in the exams. Claims, claims, claims.

No one had yet been arrested, charged, found guilty. But the reckless, irresponsible, self-appointed guardians of society such as politicians, professionals, government officials, judges even media practitioners simply shoveled out their opinion.

Their hypocrisy and manure in the form of qualified opinion, totally disregarded the rights of the examinees. Suddenly they were all suspect, suddenly they were all probably unfit, suddenly they are now potential risks, questionable employee material.

Would the self righteous be as judgmental and irresponsible if their children were one of the examinees, would they be so quick to deny those who passed their right to take their oath if it were their life savings invested?

They still don’t know where the actual leakage took place. Was it at the PRC, at some review center, at the photo copy shop next to the exam centers, or was it at the exam center itself.

What crime really took place? Leaking, falsification of public document, cheating, murder adultery or just plain bull shit?

Who are the criminals. The leaker or the leakee? The examinees or the PRC, the review centers or the schools.

Who has more to lose and who should the justices be protecting: the rights of those whose future are at stake, whose reputations have been besmirched, whose family savings are depleted or the hypocrites merely protecting their professional status and interest in the guise of public health safety?

Because of SELFISH not SELFLESS interests, because of PARANOIA not PROFESSIONALISM, hundreds if not thousands of Nursing graduates, can’t take their oath, can’t get their license, can't get jobs, have no way of paying back the support they got for two years and a half.

What I see here is a class action suit against the PRC, the group of people who got a restraining order that prevents those who passed from getting their license, a defamation suit against senators, congressmen, even media for recklessly tarnishing their reputation.

The usual complaints would state . . . sleepless nights, anxiety, loss of income, not just wounded pride but DISHONOR from those who would call themselves HONORABLE.

I throw a challenge at all of you so-called honorable men and women . . . how dare you cite the words "Better to let ten guilty men go free than to condemn an innocent man" as you take away the death penalty and then judge innocent hard working students and condemn the labors of their parents and their families because "SOME, NOT ALL, CHEATED."

How dare you add insult to injury by demanding that everyone retake the exam!

Yes, adding insult because it would be easier and simpler to stage a retake than to follow the rules of Law, the very same laws you as Jurists and legislators base your accusations and presumptions upon. That sirs is what I call SIMPLETON LAZINESS!!!

You as public officials should be under judgment for pre-empting and not immediately conducting the established rules of investigation. Let the police, the NBI, the PRC, specially the Department of Justice earn its keep as keeper of the law and not as speaker for the cause.

Perhaps even those who claim to be wise men of the law should reflect not only on the provisions of law but intent tempered with just equity for all concerned and not who comes first to their salas.

As for me, I choose to keep faith with the youth, their dreams, and honor their sacrifice. I will continue to be a sponsor, I will continue to fight the good fight.

I shall also leak out a list of all government officials, professionals, and media who DISHORED the truly honorable. Maybe a few thousand votes less, a few thousand readers and viewers, a few hundred thousand pesos of losses will somehow make you realize the need to apologize to our children.

howling said...

this may not affect the thousands or in fact millions of filipino nurses worldwide who have proven themselves competent in what they do in whatever field they've chosen, but not good for the new nurses who are still about to establish themselves.. although honestly, this is not good for pinoys in general. what a bummer..

Anonymous said...

This article eloquently state how I feel. I too am one of the 17000+ who took the nursing licensure exam last June 2006.

For three years I toiled. I have made many sacrifices and shed many tears. I endured it because I know that my labor will soon bear fruit.

Bitterly my fruit was stolen and was condemn a cheater.

My own people condemns me while the USA opens its arms to me.

Nursemate said...

I feel for all of you guys who are affected, i can feel how this incident devastated and humiliated all of you, but it happened, and i knew it's not easy, but it's time to reconsider maybe discussing and requesting for immediate retaking the examination, besides if you knew that you passed, there will be no question that you'll pass it or even better. Fr. concerned citizen.

Anonymous said...


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