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Austin, Texas - A Great Place to Work and Live

By Rodel Garcia, RN

For more than a year now, United Placement Services have been assisting fellow nurses wanting to relocate in Austin, Texas seeking new opportunity and a new life.

Austin, Texas which lies in the middle of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio has grown tremendously since the city was founded 170 years ago. Today, it is now the 17th largest city in United States, with a population of 670,000 within city limits and a whooping 1.30 million in its surrounding metropolitan region. That’s a lot of people and opportunity for nurses looking for a change.

Like any other cities in United States. Austin is also struggling to meet its nursing demand. Within the next 2 years alone, the area will have 4 brand new hospitals to augment the need of healthcare services for its growing population. Just imagine how many more nurses and allied healthcare professionals needed in the next few years to come.

Today, Austin also now dubbed as the “Silicon Hill” for IT’s (Information Technology) much like “Silicon Valley” in San Jose, California. Dell Computer, Samsung, IBM, AMD name it, they’re all here. So next time you have a problem with your PC, just ask your next door neighbor to come and help you fix it.

Annual Ranking for known magazine list Austin as:

“Best for Singles” Forbes Magazine
“Best-looking people and Friendliest place” Travel and Leisure Magazine
“Places of a lifetime” National Geographic Magazine.
“Best City for Family”
“Best place to Live” Men’s Journal

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