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The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) published a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) guide on its website to address the growing confusion among June 2006 nurses on the issue of retake as required by the CGFNS and the position of the American Nurses Association.
Listed below are the common questions of June 2006 nurses along with CGFNS' official response:
Does passage of the NCLEX or the CGFNS Exam make someone who passed only the June 2006 Exam eligible for a VisaScreen certificate?
No. In order to become eligible for a VisaScreen Certificate, CGFNS has required that a June 2006 passer must first re-take and pass, with a score of 75 percent or better, the “special voluntary examination” covering the subject matter of Tests 3 and 5. Passage of the NCLEX or the CGFNS Examination by any passer of the compromised June 2006 PRC examination will not substitute for the requirement that he or she take the “special voluntary examination” authorized by Executive Order 609 issued by the Philippine Government on March 12, 2007.

Does the CGFNS decision have an effect on the validity of the Philippine nursing licensure?
No. CGFNS recognizes the validity of the Philippine nursing license obtained by the June 2006 passers. The CGFNS decision to deny issuing a VisaScreen Certificate to the June 2006 passers of the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination relates only to their status under U.S. immigration law.
When must I re-take Tests 3 and 5 to be eligible for a VisaScreen Certificate?
June, 2006 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination test passers must re-take Tests 3 and 5 as provided in Executive Order 609 stating that a “special voluntary examination” for this purpose will be given both in June and December, 2007. A June 2006 passer may take this special voluntary examination in either one of those months, at the examinee’s choice. Executive Order 609 does not authorize re-takes of Tests 3 and 5 after December 2007.

What score do I have to get in order to be eligible for VisaScreen Certificate?
You must obtain a passing score of 75 percent or better on each Test. An average score of 75 -- in which one score is above 75 and one below 75 -- will not be sufficient to qualify for VisaScreen certification.
The American Nurses Association (ANA) has recommended that the June 2006 passers should re-take the entire licensure examination, even though CGFNS requires a re-take of only Tests 3 and 5. Which path should I follow?
To gain eligibility for VisaScreen certification, which is a pre-requisite to obtaining a U.S. occupational visa, you should meet the standard set by CGFNS, i.e., retaking Tests 3 and 5 before the end of 2007. ANA has clarified its position by stating that "ANA recognizes the CGFNS' position that successful retake of Tests #3 and #5 is an acceptable remedy to meet the needs of a VisaScreen Certificate.

If I take the re-take of Tests 3 and 5 in June 2007, and I fail to get a score of 75 in one or both tests, can I re-take one or both Tests in December 2007?
No. After you have re-taken Tests 3 and 5 once in a “special voluntary examination,” no further re-take is authorized by the Executive Order of the Philippine Government.

If I pass Tests 3 and 5 in 2007, what other things must I do to obtain a VisaScreen Certificate?
Detailed information about the requirements for a VisaScreen Certificate are available on the CGFNS website.
Source: CGFNS International


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what is the passing score for IELTS speaking to get the visascreen certificate? is its 6.5 now.

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