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Recapture Bill Formally Introduced

Texas Senator Kaye Hutchison has formally introduced amendment 364 (known as Schedule A recapture) to the 9/11 bill (Senate Bill #4) recapturing 90,000 visas for Schedule A nurses and physical therapists. The amendment also provides for a 3o-day approval period for I-140 petitions.
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The Hammond Law Group (HLG) says that if the Hutchison amendment passes, Schedule A retrogression could be over.
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However, Illinois Senator Richard Durbin wants the Hutchison amendment toned down. Durbin wants the following provision included in the Hutchison amendment:
  • A $1,500 "training fee" attached to each nursing case
  • Healthcare workers, including MDs, who travel overseas for extended periods of time do not lose their US Permanent Residency if they are working in select (unnamed) countries
  • Healthcare workers, including MDs, are inelgible for US Permanent Residency if they have a "financial obligation" to their home country
Meanwhile, HLG speculates that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill may be introduced soon based on a report by The Christian Science Monitor.
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In a related development, President Bush said he expects to sign the CIR into law by August in a statement made during his tour of Latin America over the week.
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