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Immigration Talks Underway Amidst US-Wide Rallies

United States Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid has allocated the last two (2) weeks of the US Senate's May calendar solely for Immigration Debates in the wake of rallies on Tuesday (Wednesday in the Philippines) across the United States.

Although the turn-out was lower compared to a similar rally held the previous year, rallyists are confident they sent a clear message to Capitol Hill, where lawmakers have been struggling, with little success, to come up with a compromise on the contentious issue of Immgration Reform

An Associated Press (AP)
report quoted one of the marchers, Shaun Harkin, "There's no reason a pro-immigration bill can't be passed. That's one of the messages being sent today," Originally from Northern Ireland, he has lived in the United States as a legal resident for 15 years.

US President George W. Bush has been known to be pushing for Immigration Reform. He reiterated his desire to overhaul Amerca's broken immigration system in a speech to graduates of a Miami College on April 29. "Here at Miami Dade, you know firsthand the contributions that immigrants make to our country," Bush said.

In a speech addressed to the clergy in Washington on May 3, Bush said, "I'm looking forward to working with both Democrats and Republicans to get a comprehensive immigration bill done this year."

He added, "We have a good chance to get it done. After all, America is a land of immigrants. Immigration helps renew our soul. It helps redefine our spirit in a positive way. "
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