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Labor Secretary Arturo Brion said that the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and Senator Edgardo Angara are looking at the possibility of allowing the flunkers of the Nurse Licensure Examination to work as Practical Nurses.

Practical nurses, also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses, are also in demand abroad.

Brion presented the idea to Senator Edgardo Angara, former chancellor of the University of the Philippines, as well as officials of the Commission on Higher Education and to the Professional Regulation Commission.

"They all agreed to its viability so we'll meet soon and discuss it," Brion added.

According to a report by the Inquirer, about 40,000 of the 78,797 examinees are expected to pass the June 2007 Nurse Licensure Examination according to estimates by the labor department. The projected 40,000 includes June 2006 examinees who were required to retake portions of the exam.

Brion said the results of the June 2007 nursing licensure exam will be released by middle of August.

(Thanks to breech for pointing out the Inquirer article)


Nurzondmove said...

Brion's proposal is a proof that he is a loser!!! He is also insulting the Practical Nurse Profession. Nurses never say die, if you dont make it in the June 07 exam then try again on December, sa totoo lang mahirap talaga yung board exam but if we just leave everything to the Lord nothing is impossible, I know he has plans for each and everyone of us. Mabuhay ang batch 2007!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree..june 2007 was very hard..i already took the borad exam last year but unfortunately i wan't able to make it..may the lord god open his merciful hearts to all june 2007 examinees and give us chance to pass the board..i amreally hoping and keeping my fingers cross to god and may he hears our hearts desire... batch 2007 long live!..may we all pass the board...

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as an insult to the Practical Nurse Profession. I would blame it on the Nursing Institutions that didn't do a good job at preparing their GNs for the R.N. board exams.

Anonymous said...

Its ok I think as long as u can take again NLE. if that happens, u may end up two license both PN and RN. at saka, kung sakali hindi makapsa, at least he/she can still practice d nursing profession as PN kaysa s mag-istambay nlang. if ur reviewing for NCLEX-RN, u have to pass d exam because Nurses their are not routinary in their line of work. Nurses there, they do a lot of thinking and Performing Independent Nursing Intervention for Patients. Nurses there have to be Proactive and Pre-Emptive. they don't rely in their Doctors to make orders for them to perform. Unlike her in the Phil, Nurses are dependent in their Doctors and very Routine.

Anonymous said...

One More thing, Nurses doing Routinary jobs ia A job for Practical Nurses not RN. Nurses here, Although RN but the nature of their work is very routine. So I guess Brion Proposal is ok. if they say, u
rather have to take d NLE over and over again until you pass. U may have d resources to do dis, but Time is not something u cannot replenish. if u fail, take again d NLE but don't draw urself completely to it. Instead go straight to NCLEX and study hard n pass dat exam, at least u have a PN as a fall back position. NLE can wait

Anonymous said...

Suppose, God forbid, an examinee flunks the June 2007 exam, he doesn't need to sulk and become a practical nurse instead, just like what Brion wants. My grade school teacher definitely had better motivation skills that our country's labor chief. "If you want a chocolate--and you don't get it in your first try--don't settle for just any other candy," I remember being told when I was nine and my teacher was giving out chocolates for perfect quiz scores.

I personally know some people who flunked at their first crack of the nursing exams but came out topnotchers in their second try. Flunkers don't need to be mis-directed from their goals of becoming nurses, they need to be motivated to surpass their own efforts. So, if you really want the chocolate, don't settle for Brion's offer of a candy. - I got this from one of the Nurses sites, and I very much agree with this!!!

Anonymous said...

If I were a practical nurse, I'd be insulted. At least in the US, they have separate exams for nurses and practical nurses. I hope Brion is not even half-serious about his proposal to turn the practical nursing profession into a basketcase of nurse flunkers.

In the first place, what is Brion thinking? I suppose he wants to make practical nurses out of all flunkers, not just those who are with the June 2006 batch who re-took the exams, since he says only half of the 78,000 who sat for the test are expected to make the cut. The June 2006 batch have a different set of hurdles that they should overcome, but first-timers and non-June 2006 examinees don't need Brion's condescension.

Whether or not a nursing applicant from the Philippines gets a local license, he's still eligible to apply for a nursing registration in the US. Other countries, such as Australia, Canada, and Middle East states, among others, do require local registration, but if you're hoping to work in the US, then a local license is not a prerequisite in most US states. Provided visas are available again, nurse applicants only need to pass the NCLEX-RN and get a Visascreen to get a shot at the US labor market.

More significantly, there seems to be no practical nursing course being offered locally that's recognized by US authorities. So even if you make practical nurses out of the flunkers, it wouldn't enhance their employability a bit - - - - -This is actually the first part of the preceeding comment which I got from one of the Nurses sites

fitline said...

thanks for telling the dates . for the examinations . i am really hoping and keeping my fingers cross to god and may he hears our hearts desire... batch 2007 long live!.may we all pass the board

Anonymous said...

Don't wori bout it. I'm reviewing intensely for NCLEX-RN exam. If I pass d exam, U'll get d picture why is it ok for me d Brion's Proposal PN out of Flunkers. If I fail I guess ur right after all. a few people have tourist MuLTIPLE entry Visa, and I'm one of those few. it's ok because I have a Tourist Multiple Visa, dat I don't need a Visa Screen, dat I can go to US simply find a Job as a Nurse there. Yes, I guess I am lucky. to tell you honestly, I'm little bit concern wid those flunkers not wid passers. because they're not as lucky as I am and I just want to p put hope in those Flunkers even they settle for Silver as PN. but having a license as PN is better that nothing at all.

Lets just say that out of 78,797 who took last June, 40,000 will pass as they projected. What will happened wid those 30,000 plus who did not make it? they add to the growing list of Unemployed in this country. Yes, they have some other opportunities like in Call centers.
Are you gonna put them in Call centers? BSN graduates belong in the hospital, not in Call centers. Are you simply gonna say to them dat it is not your time, that I feel sorry for you, That God has plans for us. Yes, U can always take d exam over and over again because there's no limit. yes
u may have d resources coz its only 900 pesos. but like what I said in my Preceeding comment. "Time is not something you cannot replenish".If you have an Opportunity to take d Nclex-RN go straight to it. Don't draw urself completely in NLE because u have a PN as a fall back position. NLE can wait. Grief feeling of this
flunkers runs deep to their hearts because not only they fail, they fail there Parents expectations to them because of d love and support through out the 4 years of hardwork and Sacrifice. I can empathized with them because I have fair share of feeling that experience and overcome by passing NLE last December. those Flunkers, they deserve to become a RN as much as those who pass. Yes, it is Statiscally impossible dat all of them will pass. but there will be Passers and Flunkers when the result comes out anytime this month and thats the Reality of the situation. Somebody will fail because they study so hard for four years and they fell short.
Now, I have question for you whoever you are. Are those Flunkers deserve to pass the NLE? If so, are they deserve to become an PN?. if both of ur answers are NO, then the Flunkers are in a No win Situation.
thats the problem wid many people, all they care is about winning. they forgot that u can find humility from losing and become winners in the end. If DOLE can come out wid a Policy anytime this month before they release the result even you are PN, u can still be able to take NLE to become an RN and dats find wid me. I just want everybody to be happy and be content as a PN
even it is for awhile.

Anonymous said...

If ever you fail in the Nurse Licensure Examination don't put the blame to anybody else nor to the institution you came from, saying that they didn't do a good job in preparing their GNs for the exams. Blaming another person or your school is like using a defense mechanism we learned from Psyche Nursing and its not healthy. Preparation should start from within you. Your school, clinical instructors, professors are there to serve as external support. Sometimes we keep on blaming our CIs for the so called colorum duties but who requested it in the first place? We wanted to be dismissed early, we dont want to handle toxic cases which would really give us a meaningful clinical experience. This is a free country, we are entitled to demand what is due us, we should not tolerate such attitudes of CIs, voice out!, if and only if we really want to learn but if you are enjoying colorum duties then its your choice, just be ready to suffer the consequences.
In my case,a second courser, I can say that my school may have been very lenient during schooling days, but during the review we were really given the full support which I dint get from the first school I attended considering that it's a very prestigious university.
Few days before the exam I know that I had reviewed enough and ready to take the exam but the night before perhaps due to anxiety cant help but cram and started feeling unprepared for it so I opened my notes again only to realize that I can no longer absorb the info, its like info overload.
During the exam I was really surprised, I've never encountered majority of the topics in our review, considering that I read Gapuz book, East West Reviewers,Inress handouts, Pentagon Notes, Maglaya etc. So I had no choice but to make an intelligent guess, I talked to God while having the exam to guide me, I dint blame anybody else but I just did my best in answering it. After the exam almost everybody had a hard time and I can hear them blaming their review centers, their schools, I can even hear some cursing their professors. Well thats their way so lets just respect it but if you want peace of mind and you believe that you have given your best during the exam just leave everything to God and He knows whats best for you. Just in case we don't make it this June, (wag naman sana )don't despair too much, there is always the next time. Goodluck satin!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Its not automatic that if you have the Multiple entry Visa you no longer need the Visa screen, I suggest you check on that just to make sure. My friend is already in the States,he left few months after the board exam with his wife with working Visa and him as dependent, passed the NCLEX there but until now jobless because the hospitals there dont want to invest time and money for Visa screen due to retrogression, he is still waiting for his Visa screen, which hopefully will be available on October due to retrogression. All the more that you should inquire about your need for Visa screen because your Visa is a tourist visa, different from working Visa.

Anonymous said...

I think he is right, even if you have multiple visa and can go to US anytime, passed the NCLEX, its not that easy the way you thought it to be. Remember the retrogression my friend. Well there's no harm in trying, along the way you will realize how hard it is right now to get that working Visa. I just hope you make it.

Anonymous said...

I did not say Its going to be easy. Yes, I've said in my preceeding comment that "I can simply find a job in US because I have the Multiple entry Visa. but simple doesn't mean I can get a job ryt away. of course, it's going to be hard because u bypass CGFNS, U went shortcut. but I think there is a way if ur in the US, especially u have NCLEX lICENSE AND Ielst to pair them. Yes, you're right that it is going to be hard to find a job as a nurse in there, that I can be Jobless. but I realized that the biggest problem in goal of working someday in States is "how to get there in the US" Yun lang talaga if ur here in the Philippines. Problems bout finding a job can be dealt later if ur in the US. Its a big first Step, u may have pass all d exams but what if Retrogression is not lifted, Good to hear dat Retrogression will be lifted this october which we are all hoping for. but what if not, US Immigration have the tendency to be unpredictable due to security issues. US immigration deal wid Security issues in a bigger picture and Retrogression is just a small part of it. they announced that Regtrogression will be lifted and Suddenly, they"ll take it back. Its going to be hard and you're right bout dat but I'm optimistic wid my chances. Sometimes following the Process is not the solution. because the system has so many flaws. U have to use ur Imagination and be creative to get to the Promiseland. I'm a businessman for 8 years , I run Retailing business here in Davao. I've met all walks of life. like you, I dream of greener pasture in the US. wid all these statements, I could be wrong and I have open mind to it. By January, I'll be going to states to visit my Aunt who runs a Caregiving Home in Vallejo. and if there is an opportunity to work there, I'll work for 6 mos. it will be also an sunrise opportunity for me to observe how does Employment system works there. So that I could come up with a Strategy in my mind, and
to answer the Question do I need to take the burden of taking CGNFS Exam for Visa Screening which will take years to wait over a Multiple Entry Visa that I have that can get me there like Right now.Its a big decision to make and I'm not gonna Jump into the Bandwagon because thats how its work. there's so many Questions yet to be answered and the answers are out there. If I get
that answer, I'll be the one to post that this is how things work in the US.

Anonymous said...

Be extra careful not to divulge to the immigration that you are already an NCLEX passer, a friend of mine had his fingerprint processed here then submitted to US, he took the NCLEX in Hongkong and passed. Then he attempted to enter US using his multiple visa, after more than an hour of interrogation in Detroit they found out based on their record that his fingerprint record was used for the Nursing exam, they checked his name in the computer and learned that he is already an RN. The next questions focused on his real purpose in going to the US, Immigration insisted that his entry is to look for a job in the US not just to visit as he claims to be. He started stuttering, combination of anxiety and fatigue, so the more the officer doubted him. Next thing, he was denied and was booked to the next flight going back to the Philippines. He was banned to enter US for life. Goodluck Mr/Ms. Nurse businessman

Anonymous said...

What's the port of entry of your Friend? when he went to US?

Anonymous said...

I want to take the nclex exam but I haven't passed the local board exam yet, may I know which US states can I apply to so that I can apply for the NCLEX?. Thank you

Lyle, RN said...

The State of California does not require the local board but you need to submit an explanation letter why you don't have a local license.

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