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DoLE Advisory: Transmittal of Voluntary Exam Results to CGFNS

The Quisumbing-Torres Law Firm, which was retained by the United States Commission on graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), confirmed on November 9, 2007 that they already forwarded the consolidated electronic data containing the results of the June 2007 DOLE-initiated Voluntary Retake Examination as well as other data from the PRC, to the CGFNS last October 27. This was received by the CGFNS on 05 November 2007.

The DOLE earlier forwarded the results, in electronic and hard copy formats, to the Quisumbing-Torres Law Firm, on 30 August 2007, who then forwarded them, along with data from the PRC, to the CGFNS during the first week of September. Shortly upon receipt, the CGFNS returned the same to the law firm for consolidation of the data from DOLE and PRC.
The DOLE arlready complied with its mandate under Executive Order 609, viz: providing for a system of voluntary and free retake exam, free review classes and transmittal of results to CGFNS.

The status of applicants for VisaScreen certification may be followed up via the CGFNS Hotline (215) 3498767 extension 476.
Source: DoLE Website
Thanks to breech for the heads up.


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