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Pinoy R.N. Recap of Philippine Nursing in 2007

Here's a quick round-up of events that made waves in the pinoy nursing world in 2007.

Release of the December 2006 Nurse Licensure Examinations Results

USCIS Proposes Fee Increases
CGFNS Declares June 2006 Nurses Ineligible for VisaScreen Sans Retake
Philippine Delegation Appeals CGFNS Decision

CGFNS Affirms Decision
ANA Joins the Foray and Ask for Full Retake
Recapture Bill Introduced to Address Retrogression
Arroyo Orders Partial Retake
DoLE Initiates Free Special Review for Retakers
PRC/DoLE issues Retake Guidelines

10,000 June 2006 Nurses Enlist for Special Review
Philippines and Bahrain Sign Health Accord
Sentosa Nurses Asks POEA to Rule on Case

Major Rallies Held Across U.S. Calling for Immigration Reform
Sentosa Nurses Creates Online Petition to Seek Support

First Round of Special Retake of the Compromised June 2006 Board Exam Held
ANA and NYSNA Throw Support Behind Filipino Nurses vs Sentosa
Surprise! Retrogression Lifted Temporarily
IELTS Implements Changes in Band Score Reporting

Another Surprise! USCIS Reverses Visa Bulletin; Retrogression Again in Effect
NCSBN Announces NCLEX Testing in the Philippines
DoLE Announces Possiblity of Giving LPN License to Retake Flunkers

NY State Education Department Denies Freezing Applications of June 2006 Nurses
Release of the June 2007 Nurse Licensure Examinations Results
NCLEX Testing in the Philippines Begins

DoLE Opens 2nd Registration for Final Round of Special Retake Review

U.S. Senate Passes Bill Recapturing 60,000 Visa Numbers for Schedule A Nurses

Bill That Recaptures 60,000 Visa Numbers Fails to Survive BiCam Conference
DoLE Announces Transmittal of Retake Results to CGFNS

Final Round of Retake Coincides with Scheduled December Nursing Board Exam
DoLE Issues Warning vs Abusive New Zealand Nursing Job Recruiters

The year that passed was a good year for this author and this blog. Hope the coming year will be better for all nurses out there. Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers!

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