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TV Report: DoLE and DoH Seek Measures to Abate Pinoy Nurse Migration

A television report said that the Department of Labor (DoLE) and the Department of Health (DoH) were seeking measures to address deteriorating patient care in the country by making it difficult for filipino nurses working in government hospitals to migrate and seek employment abroad.

ABS-CBNś Bandila reported that the measure was necessary to address the chronic lack of nursing and medical personnel in government hospitals and the continuing deterioration of patient care in the country.

However, it was unclear as to how the two agencies planned to implement the measure.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Nurses Association called the proposed measure as unfair saying the government should not prevent nurses from seeking better employment abroad considering the lack of career advancement opportunities locally.

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Remitter said...

Instead of making it difficult for the nurses to leave the country, the government needs to first provide proper infrastructure to develop the health amenities. The OFWs in countries like US and UK comprise of a large number of medical personnels. These countries too have benefitted greatly from the services provided by the Filipinos. Putting restrictions like these are not going to deal with the issue properly.

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