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In an interview over, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) chair Leonor Tripon Rosero said that the results of the December 1 and 2, 2007 Nurse Licensure Examination will be released Thursday February 21, 2008.

A nursing blog (not Pinoy R.N.) erroneously reported a supposed quote from a member of the PRC-Board of Nursing saying that the results would come out by February 20, 2008. As a result, thousands of nursing examinees flocked to the PRC website ( which resulted to the server going down due to limited internet hosting bandwidth.

In the same interview, Rosero said that the national passing rate was 43.42 percent. She added that it was “within the usual range.”

Pinoy R.N. will post the results here as soon as it is officially released by the PRC.

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kenny said...

thanks for the application these will the very useful for us nurses.. ty

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