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Xoom Money Transfer: Direct Bank Deposits in Hours Not Days

Sponsored Article is the best way to send money to your recipient’s bank account in the Philippines. Not only does offer bank deposit to any bank, it offers super fast bank deposits to the biggest and the best banks in the Philippines. Xoom has directly partnered with the biggest and best banks in the Philippines - Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Banco de Oro/ Equitable PCI (BDO/EPCI). These direct partnerships will make your money transfer with much faster than before!

Additionally, is also offering a 1st FEE -FREE money transfer to all Pinoy R.N. readers using a coupon code (Coupon Code: FILIPINONURSE) generated exclusively for this blog. This coupon expires on February 21, 2008 - so don’t forget to take advantage of this for valentine's day. This coupon is good for any new customer sending money to the Philippines.

Bank deposits that used to take days to send are now a thing of the past. They can be “Xoomed” (pronounced: “zoomed”) online to recipients’ accounts within hours, making the process convenient for both the sender and the receiver. is a convenient way to send money directly from your computer to the Philippines. No more hassles of working with a remittance center's schedule.

It is especially perfect for the special occasions, the money gets there really fast. It is inexpensive and easy for every filipino family to get their money. The fees are really low starting at $3.50. offers a vast range of options to receive and send money in the Philippines. Aside from direct bank deposits, cash-pick up and home-delivery are also available. You can use your credit card, PayPal or your bank account to pay for the transaction.

Money transfers with Xoom are easy. Simply log on to Xoom’s website at, enter sender and recipient information and the amount to be remitted. Next, select a disbursement method. Choose from bank deposits within hours, cash pick-up within minutes and home-delivery at no extra charge. Then, choose a payment method and click “send.” The money will be available quickly and conveniently to the receiver.


Anonymous said...

Hanap kayo iba for pagpapadala i have had a very bad experience with xoom they cancel your transaction without notifying you or not even explaining what happened if u happen to send money for emergency your fund will be held up for a couple of days if they cancel or got refunded

pinoy money talk said...

hindi ko pa na try ang zoom.. i like the idea of faster transaction..but there are lots of complaints about their services already.. so medyo undecided ako to try their service.

Anonymous said...

I too had BAD experience with xoom.
We did a test transaction of only $50, which arrived within minutes. Then we did the full transaction of $940 via paypal, which was 3 days "Processing...", then canceled without reason. We are still waiting for the refund...
Paypal completed the transaction within minutes, but xoom had the excuse that they are still processing paypal... for 3 days... then they canceled with the note "violated the TOS" without any explanation... BAD. We will go back to western union, cost more, but money WILL arrive on time.
People should get warned about xoom! Something is not "clean"...

Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE XOOM! I completely agree, very poor customer service. Call reps do not know what they're saying, cannot express in english very effectively, they say something where they're supposed to mean somethingelse.
Well what do you expect? They are Filipinos who doesn't speak english in their everyday life. Conversational english is different and way different when you work a job where you know policies by heart, not telling customers over and over again the same thing out of a script. So you ask them something they read it from a script, over and over again, and end up giving wrong information. CRAP!

I have been using xoom for almost a year now with e-check to send money to my mom who has my two little girls in Cebu, Philippines. So far with my previous transactions I did not have any problem, until last Thursday May 9, 2008. Since me and my bf were coordinating our finances and I had to send money to Cebu that day, knowing that Xoom as it promises, fast and reliable service right? Yeah right. We decided to use his checking account. Indeed, I entered his checking account bank and routing numbers, and after clicking authorization I realized they did not ask for his name. The xoom account was under my name, so we thought how can they collect money from Bank of America saying a Maria this and that has done a xoom transaction, they did not even call my bf to ask if indeed he authorized that transaction. So because of fear that it would be rejected anyways, we called xoom to ask. No call rep was able to give us a good answer, gave us wrong information, so we had the impression that if we cancel it and make another transaction through my debit account, the first transaction won't be collected.

I continually asked to talk to a manager but the call rep made an obvious excuse the manager is in a conference. Like I believed her. I told her, if you collect that first transaction by Monday, am gonna call u and cuss you out again. I was really pissed.

Come Monday, they collected the money from Bank of America, we did not even send the tracking account for that transaction and my mom of course did not collect it. We had cancellation confirmation but now WE KNOW, there is no cancellation on xoom's vocabulary. Even if you cancel your transaction? They are not ending the transaction there, they let it complete, collect money from your bank AND refund you after 5-10 days after they did something to your money right?
DO NOT CANCEL your transaction, there is no cancellation EVER. They still collect your money.
We are going to send a complaint to The Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland. We all should do this.

Anonymous said...

Dont use this service ever! I also had a bad experience with them. I have been waiting for almost 10 days now for the payment from my client. The tracking number continually says that it is still waiting for the payment to clear from the bank whereas it already cleared as to0ld by my client. They have already debited my clients account but still, I have received nothing from them. And it has been 10 days already!

Use Western union instead!

miakadono said...

worst ever, i was using this by credit card to pay for the booking in tiara hotel, and after a minute they said that the transaction was cancelled due to TOS violation, but the said amount was taken in my credit card, i've tried to call them but an answering machine always replies kept on repeating that the customer service operator is buzy, blah blah, and when i tried to email them at their customer service, they kept on just replying the same statements, telling me that my transaction was cancelled where in fact my question was about my money taken despite of my cancelled transaction, it sucks!!!!

Gerry said...

Please I'm begging you dont send money using site should me change to really slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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