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Techie Nurse of the 21st Century

Nowadays, mobile handheld gadgets like Cellphones, PDAs, and Laptops are common view. So, if you have one of these shiny little toys and want to put it to better use, then you're in luck!

Here's a list of nursing-related stuff that you could use to justify the purchase of that expensive little gadget of yours:

1. NurseCalc® - A nice little application developed by me using HTML and Javascript. It is a 4-in-1 handy online tool for Nurses and other Medical Professionals. Features include an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpreter for determination of Acid-Base Imbalances. IV Rate Calculator for determination of Intravenous Infusion Rate in mL/Hour. IV Drip Rate Calculator for determination of Intravenous Infusion Drip/Flow Rate in Drops/Minute. IV Infusion Time Calculator for determination of time needed to complete an Intravenous Infusion. Available in online (web) version and downloadable version.

Note: No purchase required. Available for free download.

Compatible with:

2. Skyscape - From medical dictionaries, clinical and drug guides to drug interaction analyzers, lab interpretations and nursing procedures manuals. They have it all. It's the library in your pocket!

Note: Purchase required. Offers free trial download.

Compatible with:

3. ePocrates - Similar to item no. 2, it offers a wide range of mobile applications for healthcare professionals ranging from medical dictionaries, integrated drugs, diseases, and diagnostics guides, and the latest medical/nursing news.

Note: Purchase required. Offers limited free downloads.

Compatible with:

4. Assorted Free Medical Apps - Includes
GFR Calculator, Bicarbonate Deficit Calculator, Preventive Medicine Screener from

Note: No purchase required. Available for free download.

Compatible with:

More will be added to this list so be sure to bookmark this page by pressing
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