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Examinees of the recently concluded June 2008 nursing licensure examination, administered by the Professional Regulation Commission in several key cities nationwide, expressed mixed sentiments over the exams.

Pinoy R.N.'s chatroom was brimming with activity during the two-day exams. A handful of online chatters said that they found the exams difficult adding that some of the concepts asked were not taught in nursing school nor was it covered during review classes. Examinees particularly took notice on the questions about nursing informatics.

On the other hand, some of those who took the nursing boards said that the questions were relatively easy as several questions appear to be lifted directly from nursing books and review materials.

The mixed reactions from examinees is actually expected owing to the subjectivity of the level of difficulty of the nursing exams or any exam for that matter. Thus, the question of whether the exam was difficult or easy is irrelevant.

The more important question is, "Did the June 2008 nursing licensure examination serve its purpose of testing nursing competency?" Afterall, the primary purpose of the nursing licensure is to protect the general public by ensuring that only those who, at the very least, have the minimum level of nursing competency are allowed in the practice of the nursing profession.

Hence, Pinoy R.N. asks the same question to those who took the exam. If you are a June 2008 examinee, cast your vote now and be counted.

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mizzy said...

parang ndi maxado natest un competency nang mga examinees..
It seems like the questions was only focused on logic.. easy questions yet difficult answers..

mizzy said...

It seems like some part of the questions were only focused on trying to test how the future nurses think logically.. not really on the competency ..

easy questions yet trying to choose from two difficult answers..

iii_g_iii said...

hirap ng exam, never heard topics...kainis..sana yug relevant naman dun sa practice and lecture

jalenelovesralph said...

OMG,,the exmas are soo tricky,,and difficult,,kainis yang nursing informatics n yn at ung client government!never heard those topics at school or even in my review center!

bibitRN said...

I believe the recently concluded examinations for soon nurses did serve its purpose of drawing knowledge and practical applications from whatever an aspirant nurse gained from his/her 4 years of training. The examination has proven the fact that each examinee is being faced with questions that makes him/her a genaralist in the nursing practice. It is indeed true that "never heard and encountered" topics caused the epistaxis moments of each exmainee. I commend the board for performing well in their task of compiling questions for aspiring nurses. Well done BON!To my June 1 and 2 fellow examinees: Goodluck is not anymore applicable this time, the best word to say is CONGRATULATIONS!Congrats to all of us for accepting the challenge of becoming the angels of the sick room!The desire to serve others is enough to commend ourselves! Whatever the results will be.. Congratz and Godbless!...
Let HIS will be done!

****** said...
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****** said...

As I ask most of the examinees, I've encounter since I was a Room Watcher/Proctor last Nurse Licensure Exams.

Some of the questions seem to be basic but you really have to think first which is the most appropriate answer

The examiners twisted the examination a bit so that examinees have a hard time in answer them.

Examinees should have the ability to attack these kind of questions, luckily some or most review centers even in-house review have test-taking strategies.

Most of the examinees gave their answer sheets up to the last minute.

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