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CGFNS Announces Price Adjustments to its Credentials Evaluation Service (CES)

Effective October 1, 2008, the following changes will be made to the CGFNS International Credentials Evaluation Service (CES):

The Reissue of a CES Report Service, where an official copy of a previously issued CES report is sent to an official recipient, will now become a Re-Evaluation Report Service with the following pricing:

Re-Evaluation of a Full Education Course-by-Course Report $238.00
Re-Evaluation of a Healthcare Profession and Science Report $188.00

Applicants who need to upgrade from a Healthcare Profession and Science Report to a Full Education Course-By-Course Report must apply for a CES Full Education Course-By-Course Report.

The pricing for the CES Full Education Course-By-Course Report and Healthcare Profession and Science Report remains unchanged at $378 and $328, respectively.

CES Reports do not have an expiration date, but additional CES services may be required based on official recipient requirements, or the submission of additional applicant credentials.

Source: CGFNS International

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