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Gov't Seeks to Address Oversupply of Pinoy Nurses

In the wake of recent reports about the increasing number of unemployed filipino registered nurses, two separate government agencies are looking at two different approaches in addressing the issue.

In a report by GMANews.TV, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is said to be looking at the suggestion of the Federated Association of Manpower Exporters (FAME) that an apprenticeship scheme be adopted. Under the proposal, new nurses would train as 'nurse interns' or ' nurse apprentice' at hospitals in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Jackson Gan, FAME vice president, said this would provide new nurses the relevant clinical experience needed for working abroad.

Meanwhile, The Philippine Star reports that the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) is considering the imposition of a limit on the number of nursing schools and new nursing students admitted in nursing schools as a means to curb the growing number of unemployed nurses.

Representatives of different government agencies and educational institutions recently met to discuss possible measures in abating the increasing number of unemployed nurses in the country.


Melannie said...

My name is Melannie and currently working as a CCRN (Emergency Dept) here in NY. I was just surprised about the news of over supply of nurses in the Phil.
I believe that the "oversupply" as they would want to label it clearly depicts the lack of opportunities for our nurses.
I did worked in the south before I move here and I did observed that there is the constant need for nurses but the government will not open those positions because of budgetary and God knows what reasons.
It just saddened me to think that there are thousands of qualified nurses in the Philippines who would be selling like hot cakes here in the US, but due to lack of financial and government support were not been able to further their careers.
It's the demand (jobs available) and not the supply that is the problem here.

CyNurse said...

^^ I totally agree. The problem lies in the Philippine government's inability to create opportunities for its skilled workers.

I don't even buy this "nurse intern" schemes. It is just an excuse for foreign employers to pay much lower wages than what they would normally pay their own nurses.
What the government should do is to create training facilities for entry-level nurses.

As for DOLE seriously considering imposing a limit on the number new nursing schools and admissions to the nursing school, I believe this is just buck-passing in its most serious form.

ZIGFRED said...

Well the issue is still about corruption. Government agencies are considering to "Limit the nursing schools" yet nursing schools who do not conform to standards still exsist. This is mainly due to corrupt official who accept bribes in order to keep a substandard school open.

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