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Retrogression Prospects in an Obama Presidency


Two days ago, Americans made history in voting Barack Obama as America's first black President. Obama's 4-year term as President officially starts on January 20, 2009. He is America's 44th President.

From a filipino nurse's perspective, the question looms -- What does an Obama presidency mean to the lingering visa retrogression?

To answer this question, Pinoy R.N. looks at Obama's immigration record as a Senator of the State of Illinois, said to be one of the immigration-friendly states in the United States of America.

Considered as a political neophyte, information on Obama's immigration stand is rather scarce as opposed to his defeated rival, Sen. John McCain.

McCain is widely known as pro-immigration being one of the primary movers in last year's stalled Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill. McCain's conviction, however, waned as the U.S. presidential campaign went full swing even hinting in one of the debates leading up to the election that he was no longer supporting his pet bill if it were re-introduced. But the McCain angle is now moot.

As we study the retrogression prospects in an Obama presidency, we begin our scrutiny by looking at his political affiliation. Being a democrat, we can surmise that he will be more open to supporting immigration measures similar to the stalled CIR bill last year. This will be beneficial to filipino nures stuck in the midst of retrogression. With regard to Obama's legislative record, things are looking up too. Obama once introduced a bill aimed at improving the speed and accuracy of FBI background checks for intending immigrants. He also supported legislation aimed at keeping immigration application fees affordable.

These limited but strong indicators of Obama's inclinations on the issue of immigration are steps in the right direction as far as filipino registered nurses affected by retrogression are concerned.

Obama built his campaign on the promise of change and change is what filipino registered nurses need.

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