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Nursing Could Be a 5-Year Course Beginning 2009

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is planning on adopting a recommendation by the Presidential Task Force for Education (PTFE) making Nursing a 5-year course by June this year.

In a 21-page recommendation submitted to the President last month, the PTFE proposed the adoption of a 5-year program for Nursing along with Architecture, Engineering, and Accounting courses. The PTFE stated that the move was needed to keep up with international standards and that it merely formalizes the prevailing situation since these four courses were already informally offered as five-year programs in the country.

The Commission has asked deans of colleges and universities around the country to submit their inputs on the matter b
y February 28. They plan to hold consultations by March or April.

Emmanuel Angeles, Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Vice Chair of the Presidential Task Force for Education (PTFE) said that the change to a 5-year curriculum could be implemented as early as June this year.

Meanwhile, several sectors are questioning the wisdom of the proposed changes in the midst of the global economic slowdown saying that a longer program meant additional financial burden for parents. They say that changes such as this should be discussed in length with all parties concerned.

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