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Government to Launch "NARS" Program for New Nurses

In an effort to address the ballooning number of unemployed filipino nurses, the government has announced an employment program dubbed, "Nurses Assigned in Rural Service" or NARS.

Under the NARS program, the government will hire around 5,000 to 6,000 new nurses to serve in rural areas lacking medical personnel. Others will function as roving nurses for rural schools. They will be assigned to their own hometowns and will be paid Php 8,000 monthly with an additional Php 2,000 stipend from the local government unit where they will be working. Other benefits include PhilHealth and Government Service Insurance System coverage.

In a speech delivered at the Job Summit in MalacaƱang, the President said that the program will also serve as an opportunity for new nurses to gain much needed training and working experience before they seek employment abroad.

Nurses hired under the NARS program will serve for a minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of twelve (12) months.

Approximately 88, 750 nursing graduates took the Nurse Licensure Examination last November.

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