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ALLGEN Free IELTS Seminar on April 2, 2009

ALLGEN is inviting nurses to a free IELTS Introduction & Assessment Seminar on April 2, 2009 (Thursday).

Topics to be discussed include:

1. IELTS: an overview;
2. Assessment in Listening, Reading and Writing;
3. Common mistakes in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and How to Avoid Them

This free IELTS Seminar offers limited slots only. Interested parties are advised to call ALLGEN at telephone nos. (02) 567-2749/567-0641; 0918-468-8222; 0922-395-8297.

The Seminar will be held at ALLGEN Review Center at the 5/F TM Kalaw Ctr. Bldg., TM Kalaw Ave. (near UN LRT), Manila.

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