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Showing Your Holiday Spirit At Work


Early fall is almost here, and with it comes the start of holiday season! From Labor Day to Halloween to Christmas, it seems like a celebration is always looming this time of year. Why not take advantage of these happy occasions, even if in the medical field, you have to spend this day on the job. Some medical professionals are lucky enough to not have a dress code and can proudly sport their holiday scrubs. Others are restricted by dress codes, but there are still ways you can stay festive and holiday ready!

There is an ongoing debate as to whether printed scrubs and holiday scrubs have a positive effect or not on patients. Many believe that being surrounded by spirited uniforms can distract patients from their pain, to focus on something more positive, like a happy holiday memory or to provide hope for a quick recovery. We’re here to provide those who can’t wait to wear holiday scrubs this fall, with some stylish options!

Halloween Scrubs: Halloween is the one time of year you can dress up as anything you want! While it’s not professional to wear your costume to work, you can “dress up” in these spooky scrubs that will be just as fun. Don’t forget to have a Halloween potluck with your co-workers where you can all prepare Halloween treats to munch on. These featured tops are spooky, stylish, and feminine. Try:

  • UA Scrubs “Spooky Fairytale” Dark Lilac Scrub Top and Scrub Jacket
  • Koi Scrubs “Full Moon” Print Scrub Top
  • Mary Engelbreit Scrubs “Trick or Sweet” Print Scrub Top

Thanksgiving Scrubs: What better way to show your appreciation for your co-workers than celebrating Thanksgiving at work! If Thanksgiving scrubs aren’t for you, there is an apron in this heartwarming “Give Thanks” print that’s perfect for keeping your favorite Thanksgiving recipes off of your clothes. Try:

  • UA “Give Thanks” Print Scrub Top
  • UA “Giving With Friends” Print Scrub Top in Bahama Blue or Honey
  • UA “Give Thanks” Bib Apron

Can’t Wear Holiday Scrubs? If your hospital or office dress code prevents you from wearing holiday scrubs, fear not! We have some alternatives for you that will keep you from being a fall holiday “Grinch”. Try:
  • UA Women’s “Boo” print Halloween surgical cap or UA “Give Thanks” print Thanksgiving surgical cap.
  • Halloween earrings or pin! If accessorizing with your scrubs is off limits, you can still stay festive with themed jewelry and maybe even a flashing pin on your UA Butter-Soft solid scrub top or scrub jacket.  

For more information, please visit, your one-stop shop for all of your nursing scrubs and medical uniforms needs.

Uniform Advantage is a leading retailer of scrubs and medical uniforms. Founded in 1985, the company operates out of Plantation, Florida and ships from their distribution center near Atlanta, Georgia. It has grown to include 27 scrubs stores located in key cities across the US and Canada, a catalog division and an entity dedicated to the online market.  

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