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The June 1 and 2, 2008 Nursing Board Exam is just a month away. In keeping with this blog's tradition of helping out examinees prepare for their exam, Pinoy R.N. will again post a set of useful compilations to help our soon-to-be nurses ace the upcoming licensure examinations.

Nursing Downloads
If you are having difficulties downloading from the links below, try downloading the files at the DOWNLOADS section of

Antidotes to Common Medications (NEW)
APGAR Scoring (NEW)
Blood Transfusion Reactions (NEW)
Assessment Findings in Dehydration (NEW)
Erikson's Developmental Stages (NEW)
Geriatrics Pharmacokinetics (NEW)
Pediatric Developmental Milestones (NEW)
Rule of Nines (NEW)
Practise Questions for Psychiatric Nursing
Review Notes in Pharmacology
Review Notes in Psychiatric Nursing
Review Notes in Pediatric Nursing
Review Notes in Infection Control
Review Notes in Med-Surg: Aortic Aneurysms
Review Notes in Med-Surg: Arterial Blood Gases
Scope of the Nurse Licensure Examination
IMCI Manual
Filipino Nurse Code of Ethics
Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173)
The Nightingale Pledge

Guides & Tips
Tips in Preparing for the Local Nursing Board Exams
Last Minute Reminders for Local Board Examinees

Online Tool
Virtual Human Atlas (Animated Lectures)

Review Site
Ward Class Online


Jovitt said...

Hey, just came across a link and checked out your site.
I'm not taking nursing but I found the downloadable files very useful

Continue the good work you're doing!
Filipino, as Filipinos speak it

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