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The Pinoy R.N. Virtual Red Carpet

In appreciation of the regulars who have contributed to the growth of our online community here at Pinoy R.N., we will be rolling out the virtual red carpet for our hippest online buddies. Find out a little about who they are, what they love about the nursing profession, and what they love to do when they are not on duty.

If you or somebody you know deserve the Pinoy R.N. red carpet treatment, let us know. Just make sure you'll get the hang of the instant celebrity status. (Hehehe!)

For the pilot run of this feature, we turn the spotlight on "

Real Name: Andrew AC
Chatroom Nickname: Goobs
Present Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA
Hometown: Bacolod City

~ All About You ~

What's the story behind your chatroom nickname?

The name Goobs originally came from Gooblecute. It was the name assigned to me when I first logged in. Gooblecute seemed too long a name, so I was asked to change it. Obviously I had to drop the cute and retained Gooble, Goobs for short. That’s how my nickname evolved. Don’t ask me what it means though because I honestly don’t know. I must admit it sounds cute, haha.

What keeps you busy?
Oh well, work keeps me busy. I work a 12 hour night shift, about four to five days a week.

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