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As of May 2, 2008, those with license numbers 433667 to 449979 may claim their Certificate of Registration at the PRC office. Court of Appeals (June 2006) passers whose surnames start with "S" are advised to wait for further notice.

All other inquiries may be coursed through the PRC Registration Division at telephone number (02) 736-2248.

(Sent in by
Noelito, RN via E-mail. Thanks for the updates and Congratulations on passing the NCLEX-RN exam, Noel!)


Anonymous said...

Thx for the info...but sad to say my license is not listed meaning to say my certificate is not yet available...i hope u will update us on the next sched...thx again and god bless..

P.S. congrats for passing the NCLEX..

yefi said...

thank you for this info..I've been trying to reach the PRC hotline but its always busy..glad I read this update..Now I know that I can get the board cert now..

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