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Ward Class: Online Resource for Student Nurses

It has been approximately 2 years and 5 months since Pinoy R.N. started and the response and support this blog received from nurses here and abroad has been overwhelming, to say the least. In return, we continuously endeavor to improve our services for the benefit of our readers and esteemed regulars who have helped us in one way or another.

During one of our late-night bull sessions, a colleague and this blogger realized that a very important subgroup of our target visitors, our Student Nurses (a.k.a Future RNs), has been overlooked. With this very important group of people in mind, we decided to start an online resource site specifically tailored for their needs. Hence, the birth of Ward Class.

In line with the objectives of Pinoy R.N., Ward Class aims to help student nurses cope with the challenges of nursing school and clinical rotations. It will provide review notes, nursing videos and animations, sample course requirements, downloads, tips & trivia, and news & updates particularly useful for nursing students.

It is Ward Class' intention to reach out to as many student nurses as deemed possible and we hope that you will help us realize this goal. In humble anticipation, we hope that you will accord Ward Class the kind of support and encouragement you have given Pinoy R.N.

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