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The Colorado Board of Nursing recently made changes to their eligibility requirements for internationally-educated nurses applying for licensure (NCLEX) by examination.

The board now requires proof that the applicant has achieved a passing score on the English Proficiency examinations required by the Department of Homeland Security for certification of health care workers in section 343 of the Illegal Immigration Reform Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

The English Language Proficiency Report, issued by CGFNS, is in addition to the existing CGFNS CES Healthcare Profession & Science Report required by Colorado.

The changes took effect July 1, 2008 and applies to all new applications received on the date the new rule took effect. Applicants who have already applied for CES for Colorado before July 1, 2008 are exempt from the English Language Proficiency Report requirement.

Acceptable english exams and minimum passing scores are the same as those required for the VisaScreen®.


Jonas Jamisola said...

at least we know nurses from the phils will be proficient in english! lol...

Nurse Caps said...

Does this include the IELTS? TOEFL? TOIEC? Is any of these tests acceptable?

Nurse Caps

Lyle, RN said...

Hi nurse caps, yes this includes IELTS, TOEFL, and TOIEC.

The required english exams are exactly those exam required in the VisaScreen.

ankur said...

I agree with jonas. so atleast we now know asian nurses will be good in english .

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