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Pinoy R.N. Recap of Philippine Nursing in 2008

Last year, Pinoy R.N. published a year-end report summarizing the events that made waves in the world of filipino nurses here and abroad. In keeping with this Pinoy R.N. tradition, here are the nursing news that were in the headlines in 2008.

DoH and DoLE Seeks Measures to Abate Pinoy Nurse Migration

DoLE Announces the Hiring of Filipino Nurses for Canada
U.S. Visa Bulletin Reflects Significant Progress in Priority Dates
December 2007 Nurse Licensure Examinations Results Released

U.S. Visa Bulletin Reflects Yet Another Forward Movement in Priority Dates
Pinoy R.N. Undergoes Blog Upgrade; Showcases New Web 2.0 Features

U.S. Visa Bulletin Brings More Good News with Biggest Movement in Priority Dates
Texas Senator Files Bill Recapturing 61,000 Unused Nurse Visa

HR 5924 Filed in U.S. Congress; Seeks lifting of Nurse Visa Retrogression Among Others
Pinoy R.N. Launches Ward Class -- Online Resource for Student Nurses
CHED Revises Nursing Curriculum; Adds Two New Nursing Subjects
Fiscal Cap on Nurse Visa Nearly Reached; U.S. Visa Bulletin Reflects No Movement in Priority Dates
PRC Announces Change in Nursing Board Exam Schedule; December Exam Moved to November

June 2008 Nursing Board Exams Held
Fiscal Cap on Nurse Visa Exhausted; U.S. Visa Bulletin Shows EB3 Category Becoming Unavailable
Several Canadian Provinces Also Require Passing Grades in Special Nursing Retake

PNA Expresses Opposition to Proposed Practical Nursing Program
June 2008 Nurse Licensure Examinations Results Released

New Jersey Senator Files Bill Recapturing Unused Visas from 1992 to 2007
PGMA's Brother-in-Law Files Bill Requiring Mandatory 2-Yr Service for Nurses and Other Professionals

PNA Slams Hospitals for Collecting Training Fees from New Nurses
PRC-BoN Revises Scheme in Processing Applications to the Nurse Licensure Examination
Gov't Agencies Seek to Address Oversupply of Nurses

Philippine Senate Ratifies JPEPA
California Requires Disclosure of Convictions as Part of Licensure Renewal Requirement

NCLEX Statistics Reveal Philippines Still America's Number 1 Source for Foreign RNs
November 2008 Nursing Board Exams Records Highest Number of Examinees in History
Pinoy R.N. Conducts Most Comprehensive Coverage of November 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination
November 2008 Nursing Licensure Examinations Held

CIS Ombudsman Issues Recommendations in Improving the Processing of Nurse Visas

It was a good year for Pinoy R.N. and this blogger as 2008 saw the birth of Ward Class, a blog that seeks to bring relevant nursing information to future nurses. As Pinoy R.N. marks its 3rd year in the Philippine Blogosphere, here's to a fruitful and prosperous new year. Cheers, nurses!

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