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You took the Nursing Board Exam last July 3-4, 2010.  Now that the nurse licensure examination is over, you can't wait to get your hands on the results.

You stress out thinking what the July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results might bring.  Will it be good news or bad news?  You're always in a state of uneasiness and begin to doubt yourself thinking you didn't prepare well for the nursing  boards.

If you are having all these negative thoughts, then you should STOP right now.  The long wait for the exam results is agonizing in itself, don't give yourself additional stress by being pessimistic.  Worrying won't get you anywhere, nor will it make the Professional Regulation Commission-Board of Nursing release the  July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results sooner. So why sweat it?

The main task for you at this point is make use of the waiting period  to relax, do something productive, and plan ahead in your chosen career.  Here are a few things you can do to help you cope with the stress of waiting for the July 2010 Nurse Licensure Examination Results.

  • Go out with your friends.  You probably didn't have much time for your friends when you were reviewing for the nursing board exam.  Now is the time to go out with them to catch up on things.  Dining out, shopping,  going to the movies, or even traveling-- these activities will help you relax and keep your mind off stressful things.
  • Spend more time with your family.  One of the reasons why you are on tenterhooks while waiting for the July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results is that you don't want to disappoint your family, especially your parents. Consider spending more time with them and if possible,  talk about your feelings regarding the  nursing boards. Being open and venting out your feelings to your family will help lessen your anxiety.
  • Use the internet to your best advantage.  No, I don't mean you google "July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results" everyday.  You can do all sorts of fun things online.  You may have been neglecting your social networking accounts when you were so busy studying so go ahead and  immerse yourself on Facebook, Plurk, or Twitter.  You can also choose to watch videos online or simply read about things that interest you. 
  • Engage in physical activity.  Exercise is one of the best ways to channel all your nervous energy.  You can hit the gym, jog, play badminton, or go hiking. Staying active will not only keep you in good shape, it will also do wonders for your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Collect information about career options.  Things don't end when you pass the July 2010 Nursing Board Exam.  Do you have immediate career plans? Are you considering employment as an entry-level nurse locally or abroad?  Do you want to take foreign nursing exams first like the NCLEX and CGFNS?  List down your options so you can slowly start furthering your career plans.  This way, you'll make use of the time spent waiting for the nursing board exam results productively.
  • Prepare your documents.  Preparing your documents like your Transcript of Records, diploma, birth records, and NBI and police clearances is one way of planning ahead.  Working on something and actually seeing results will give you a sense of fulfillment.  Being busy is always better than moping around.

There are certainly more ways to deal with stress while waiting for the July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Results.  So if you have stress-busting tips up your sleeve for the readers of this blog, drop us a line or two in the comments section.  We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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