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The visa bulletin for August 2010 released by the U.S. Department of State shows the cut-off date for Filipino Nurses at June 1, 2004. This is a major improvement considering that the July 2010 visa bulletin indicated a cut-off date of August 15, 2003.

The positive trend is expected to continue until October this year with cut-off dates expected to reach September 2004 as reported last month by Pinoy R.N.

In other news, the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is providing options for foreign-educated nurses who were affected by the recent social security number (SSN) requirement.

According to the Hammond Law Group, an immigration firm in the U.S., affected applicants may request the BRN to provide the NCLEX test results to another U.S. state (such as one that does not require a social security number). This option requires a $10 processing fee. If, however, an applicant needs the BRN to provide the NCLEX-RN test scores to ICHP (CGFNS) for the Visascreen, the BRN will be collecting a $60 filing fee.

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